Chilean Tourists Seek The Vallarta-Nayarit Experience

  • The Chilean tourism market is seeking new experiences in Mexico beyond the Caribbean coast: these tourists are currently enjoying a very stable economy and are used to lengthy voyages, making the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta two very viable options.

The Vallarta-Nayarit joint campaign continues its promotional work in South America. This time they brought in nine of the top tour operators in Chile on a FAM trip, all of whom agreed the region is ideal for the Chilean tourist.

Coordinated by the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta convention and visitors bureaus in collaboration with Aeroméxico, the different regional managers and directors undertook several site inspections at hotels in both destinations and thoroughly enjoyed the culture and natural charm of the area.

Luis Fernando Martín, Business Manager for REPSE Tour Operator, a company that serves 22% of Chilean tourists, stressed how great the news of the new campaign was for South America.

“This has been a wonderful surprise because I think the Chilean tourist is in a very good economic position with an ‘aspiring’ middle class. They have already visited the same places two or three times and I think Vallarta-Nayarit offers the high standards they’re looking for in the big chain all-inclusive properties, which they prefer, but also much, much more,” he stated.

He also pointed out the importance of being able to train his staff well in order for them to let the Chilean traveler know that Vallarta-Nayarit isn’t simply all about luxury, but that it has its very own Mexican style and culture, which some see as a sister to that of Chile.

“Being in Mexico is an incredible sensation that one can practically breathe in here, something that doesn’t always happen in some of its other destinations. The city also offers an amazing gourmet cuisine; another surprising facet is its adventure and well-thought-out ecotourism offerings. It’s very organized, with a professional offering for each kind of traveler and all wrapped up in genuine warmth. To that I can add the possibility of so many watersports, whale watching, the sea turtles, the Marietas Islands… this should be a complete success,” added Martín.

He concluded by recommending the need to cultivate the fact that the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta may be together but they are each their own destination, each with its own charm. Another relevant aspect is that four thousand Chileans travel to Central and North America through incentive tourism, another segment that needs follow up. 
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