AHMBB Staff Receives Diplomas For Supervisor Certification Program

  • 26 employees from 12 AHMBB member hotels passed the free certification program that forms part of the constant training sessions offered for Association members; 70% of hotels benefitted from this action.

The Banderas Bay Hotel and Motel Association’s (AHMBB, by its acronym in Spanish) Human Resources Committee offered a certification program for supervisors as part of its commitment to take advantage of the resources available and offer free courses on the topics the union members need the most.

For eight weeks starting on August 20th, twenty-six employees from twelve local hotels completed seven modules that covered topics including: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Teamwork, Leadership, Empathetic Communication, Positive Attitude, Coaching, Quality and Productivity.

Alejandro Asomoza, Operations Manager and part of the AHMBB’s Human Resources Committee, announced that 70% of the union members participated in the certification program. The remaining hotels were unable to participate because they were at capacity and the managers needed to attend to their guests.

“This has a ripple effect, because what we’ve done is to prepare ourselves ahead of time to define the courses that were most needed to train the staff of the different hotels in the region,” he noted. “They can now apply everything they learned from these modules to their work.”

The certification program came to an end during the second week of October with a surprise ceremony at Villa del Palmar, where the participants received their recognition in the presence of their family members. The event was also presided over by José Antonio Ayala and Alma Gómez of the AHMBB, as well as instructor Daniel Posadas.

“This is just the start, because I’m sure that next year we’ll have better programs and even better results,” assured Alejandro Asomoza, who added that the topic of security will be one of the main themes to be discussed in order to offer the tourist a better and safer experience.

Participating hotels included: Matlalí, Dreams, Hotelito Los Sueños, Rancho Banderas, Iberostar, Paradise Village, Villa del Palmar, Hard Rock, Marival, Grand Velas and Grupo Vidanta.
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