San Pancho, Culture Capital of the Riviera Nayarit

  • The Centro Cultural las Fábricas de San Pancho A.C. was created in response to community efforts that include environmental education, recycling, species conservation, promotion of the arts and sports plus a very inclusive culture.

San Francisco, Nayarit—better known as San Pancho—has become the cultural capital of the Riviera Nayarit thanks to its organization, its inclusiveness and its attention to topics including culture, the arts, sports, environmental education and species conservation.

The four civic associations that began to generate what today has become a cultural revolution have come together to create the Centro Cultural las Fábricas de San Pancho A.C. This new organization has a horizontal structure and the titles rotate.

Erik Saracho presides, Luz Herrera is secretary, Ariel Sainz is the treasurer and Nicole Swedlow is the spokesperson. The association serves as a liaison to direct all efforts in a united way in order to obtain the best results from the different procedures that must take place with the three levels of government, among others. Here’s a brief description of San Pancho’s “Fantastic Four:”

Entre Amigos A.C. is one of the leading voices in this cultural effort. It provides an educational and recreational space to direct children on the pathway towards art, environmental concerns and culture.

They also provide areas for recycling, a children’s circus, tech and other factors that make Entre Amigos such a special place.

Entre Amigos has caused such a positive impression that after a visit by Ana Lília López, president for the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF by its Spanish acronym) she indicated it should be replicated in every municipality.

The Alianza Jaguar A.C. is another important component, since it’s dedicated to the conservation of the jaguar and other species both flora or fauna. It’s mission to protect the jaguar goes hand in hand with protecting its environment year round.

This association is recognized on a national level and has directed several efforts for the preservation of the species that attract tourism to the region.

The Colectivo San Pancho A.C. is comprised of a group of Mexican and foreign artists that come together with the objective of making it very clear that art is the best way to create change in our world.

The fourth element is the physical space where these civic organizations come together: the Bodegas Espacio de las Artes A.C.

The Centro Cultural las Fábricas de San Pancho is an example of the high quality of cultural tourism the Riviera Nayarit offers its national and foreign visitors. 
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