The Beach Cleanup Network Keeps Working At The End Of The Year

  • This is the 7th and final cleanup that will take place during the 2014 high season; so far the crews have picked up over 4 thousand bags of trash. These actions align with the destination’s pursuit of environmental certificates such as EarthCheck and Blue Flag.

It all began seven months ago when two groups put their words into action and created the Beach Cleanup Network, which went on to become a magnet for other groups that have been cleaning up the beaches of the Riviera Nayarit every month.

The 15 groups and communities coordinated and backed by the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) have picked up over 4,000 black trash bags in 2014, minimizing the environmental impact of this detritus on the beaches and the sea, as well as cleaning up their image.

The idea was encouraged from the very beginning by the CVB, in large part due to the many benefits that easily align with the different environmental entities that are working in the region, including Blue Flag and EarthCheck.

The next cleanup is scheduled for December 13th and will be the seventh and final for 2014. On this occasion the Hard Rock Hotel will clean the beach at Boca de Tomates, located on the border between Nayarit and Jalisco.

The CVB extends its congratulations to the local businesses involved such as the Hard Rock Hotel, Surf Mexico, Dolphin Discovery and the Harkness Institute, as well as civil associations including Amigos de Bucerías, Vecinos de Playas de Bucerías, Manos a la Obra, Grano de Arena, Entre Amigos, Playa Platanitos Ecológico, the Compostela Hotel and Motel Association and theFundación Punta de Mita.

Then there is the community of Mexcatitán, which doesn’t belong to any group and simply cares enough to volunteer to help clean up the area beaches. There are great expectations for 2015, as it appears more and more groups will join this praiseworthy effort.

For more information and comments, if you’re interested in more details about the project including the hours and meeting places or would like to propose your community join the Riviera Nayarit Beach Cleanup Network, please call 2 97 25 16 ext. 108, and someone from the Riviera Nayarit CVB will be happy to help you.
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