Record breaking fishing tournament at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

·         A 325 Marlin caught by Jorge Amarillas, on board of Giallo, sets up new record on all of Mexico’s Pacific Tournaments
·         Up to 129 catches were registered during the tournament, breaking another record


Fishing in Riviera Nayarit is a breaking records sport and that’s just what happened October 10-14, during the First International Sport Fishing Tournament of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle at Marina Riviera Nayarit, organized by the Tepic’s Sports Fishing Club.
For a starter, the tournament broke the record of catches during a tournament in the region, with 129. Later on, during the last day of activities, Jorge Amarillas from Guadalajara, on board of Giallo, presented a 325 kilograms black marlin, breaking the record for all of Mexico’s Pacific fishing tournaments. Previous record was set on 322.700 kg.
The record Marlin was caugth around 10:30 am by the site known as “La Piedra”, near Banderas Bay, with the last bait that they had available and that had been chewed by a dolphin. When the marlin was caught, the first 30 minutes they couldn’t pull the reel not even an inch, but after 40 minutes of fighting the fish lost strength and easy on went the rest for the crew.
“I believe it’s very important to participate on a tournament like this one. This are fair tournaments, with no troubles, among good friends. It’s very encouraging to get here for the first time and discover soon that everybody knows you and has made friends with you, rather than a competition this is a big party in a wonderful place for sport fishing fans”, said Amarillas after winning the tournament.
Biggest sail fish on the last day was presented by the host Marina Riviera Nayarit Team, commanded by Pedro Fernandez, and weighted 33,600 kilograms, not enough to enter the prizes but good enough for the jackpot of the day. First Place was taken on Saturday by Miguel Sierra, on board of Acayapan, with a 52,200 kilogram fish that also set a record for Tepic’s Sport Fishing Club.
No new catches on Tuna after the 88 kilogram presented by Pankuka on Thursday. And on Mahi Mahi the first prize was for the 18,100 fish presented on Saturday by Calypso.
1.  Pankuka                             88.000 kg
1. Giallo                                 325.000 kg
2. Animal House                    188.400 kg
3.  Milonga                            180.700 kg
4. Anita                                  167.00 kg
Sail Fish
1. Acayapan                           52.200 kg
2. Club de Pesca Vallarta       40.700 kg
3. Milonga III                        38.900 kg
4. Contender III                     36.400 kg
Mahi Mahi
1. Calypso                              18.100 kg
2. Matador                             14.000 kg
3. Fish On                              13.200 kg
4. Pacific Scuba                     11.200 kg

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