The AHMBB Reelects Board Members

  • Thanks to the excellent work and coordination among the delegates of the Bay of Banderas Hotel and Motel Association, its board members have been re-elected, with the addition of Mairo Topete as spokesperson.

The decision was reached to re-elect the existing board members after the Bay of Banderas Hotel and Motel Association Assembly (AHMBB by its acronym in Spanish) took places on February 13, 2014.

The voting went ahead without any objections, with Mario Topete added as spokesperson in order to give Bucerías a larger presence, since this destination’s growth has been steady thanks to the renovation of the plaza and other updates taking place in the area.

The positions were reconfirmed as follows: Fernando González as president, Abel Santos as vicepresident, Heriberto Pineda as treasurer, Jesús Aguirre, Rodolfo González and Mario Topete as spokespersons. The managers of the seven committees that complement the group will also remain in place.

“The Board was ratified with some minor changes with the intention of allowing continuity,” said González Ortega. “I’m very honored that all of the associates that attended trust this Board unanimously; we will endeavor to continue to work together in order to provide the best results for the Riviera Nayarit.”

Among the excellent results obtained is the change in the tourism numbers, which are moving in a very positive direction as this industry leaves behind the somewhat tough past few years.  

“We won’t reach the 2008 levels for another two or three years, but we’re reversing that backward trend and want to take advantage of the unprecedented efforts that are taking place to do so,” he  said.

As part of this Assembly, Marc Murphy, the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Managing Director, presented the 2013 results, which were applauded by those present at the event in a show of support for all of the advances that have taken place.

In this manner, the AHMBB demonstrates its solidarity; they work well together, which is evident in the excellent participation in the assemblies, especially considering that it is one of the associations with the highest number of meetings throughout the year. The same can be said of its fundraising efforts and the unanimity with which they make all of their important decisions. 
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