Meet Javier Carrillo: Artist and Teacher to Nayarit Youth

Tepic artist, Francisco Javier Carrillo Núñez, is helping local students express themselves through art and is uncovering exceptional talent. He currently teaches children and adults via his Grupo IMPULSARTE program. Classes are held at public schools in Tepic, Las Varas and La Peñita. Some of the children have intellectual disabilities, autism, down syndrome and other special needs, and being able to participate in this workshop can help them express their feelings. The quality of the students’ work is a testament to Sr. Carrillo’s teaching methods.

Each class costs $30 pesos per student which covers the time, instruction and materials to paint a small piece. There are many children who cannot afford this fee, however, so contributions and donations are needed to ensure that every child will have the opportunity to develop their artistic talents. You might also consider purchasing a piece as I did (see below), which helps the students directly. Either way, you will make it possible for the children in our community to learn how to be “real artists” with the guidance of this dedicated and talented teacher.

You are invited to come observe a class and learn more about Sr. Carrillo’s work:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays:
    Escuela Amado Nervo in Compostela
    (corner of Aldama & Leandro)
  • Wednesdays:
    Escuela Francisco Villa in Las Varas from noon-2pm
    (Av. Revolucion (carretera a Zacualpan) & Calle Tlaxcala)
    Escuela Hombres Ilustres Nayaritas in La Peñita from 3:30-5:30pm
    (Calle Golfo de Mexico & Vasco de Gama)
  • Thursdays:
    Escuela Primaria 16 de Septiembre in Las Varas
    (across from the main square).

For more information, contact Javier Carrillo at (311) 174-3256.

Mark Your Calendars!

Grupo IMPULSARTE will once again display their artwork during the Malecón Art Walk in La Peñita on Wednesday, March 12 beginning at 5pm – and in Chacala on Thursday, February 27 from 4-7pm.

Sr. Carrillo and his students were invited to display their work during the first Malecón Art Walk in La Peñita back in January. When I witnessed this group of exceptional students presenting their work along the malecón that evening, I knew there was something truly magical happening here.

While perusing the students’ work, I was drawn to a painting of a Toucan (above). When I asked the artist, 8-year-old Andrea from Las Varas, how much she wanted for the piece, it was a bit more than I expected… but when she explained that she was going to use the money to “pay for more classes and necessary materials,” I was sold.

These kids are really talented, and the fact that these classes are available in our area makes it even more exciting!

Learn more about Javier Carrillo and Grupo IMPULSARTE on
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