The Power of the International Press

  • This January Chef Betty Vázquez hosted a Canadian couple that was inspired to visit her after reading an article written by Irene Thomas in The Vancouver Sun, published last November.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau’s (CVB) public relations office is laser-focused on promoting the Riviera Nayarit in all markets, both captive and potential. These actions bear tangible results when tourists visit the destination thanks to the power of the international press.

Chef Betty Vázquez informed the CVB when she received a visit from a Canadian couple that had read an article featuring her, written by journalist Irene Thomas and published in November’s Vancouver Sun. As they showed her the newspaper clipping they said “we came to see you because of this.”

“The impact of this particular article was pretty immediate,” commented Betty Vázquez. “Usually the effects of an article of this nature are felt in the long run, anywhere from six to 18 months down the line. The actions of the CVB public relations office are putting us out there front and center, people are talking about the destination and that benefits us all.”

The visitors also commented that thanks to the article they planned on staying a few more days in the area in order to experience new activities and visit other coastal villages they hadn’t known about.

“It’s really quite an honor when the media publishes details about San Blas, my kitchen and my hotel. What we need is for more people to talk about us, to let everyone know about their travel experience here,” said the chef.

Coincidentally, Irene Thomas herself had recently visited Betty during one of the CVB’s planned FAM trips.
“When you see the results of your work it really makes you feel proud and when I know that it helped to attract tourism to a place I love so much it’s even more satisfying,” said the journalist.

Thomas currently writes for 15 international publications in the United States, Canada and England. She has written for over 300 media around the world over the span of her career.

“I have worked with dozens of tourism ministers and public relations agencies, but I can literally count on the fingers on one hand the ones that I feel are truly organized, professional and helpful: among those is the Riviera Nayarit CVB,” she stated during this, her seventh visit.

“This Office has been incredibly helpful; whenever I’m invited here they already know the places that will be of interest to me and my readers. When journalists are excited about a destination they’re usually more motivated to write a better article,” she added.

She closed her remarks by expressing her gratitude of knowing she’s a valued journalist for this destination, as she always writes about topics that are very much of interest to her worldwide audience. 
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