FAM Trip Generates Over a Million Impressions Through International Media

  • The press FAM trip organized by the Riviera Nayarit CVB during the International Gourmet Festival for media reps from Brazil, the US and Mexico generated a reach far greater than the initial investment suggested.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau’s (CVB) public relations office selected seven different media outlets from Brazil, the United States and Mexico and invited them to enjoy a FAM trip to the destination from November 19-25 in order to generate exposure for the XIX International Gourmet Festival.

Under the wonderful guise of having them participate in some of the most important activities of the Gastronomic Festival, the hosts took the visitors on a tour of our beautiful coastal towns and the Marina Riviera Nayarit, where they could experience for themselves the luxurious hotel developments and the cuisine of Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.

The foreign journalists also visited the Marietas Islands, while the local journalists visited the Universidad Tecnológica de Bahía de Banderas on November 21 in order to better serve their needs.

The Mexican media reps were all culinary specialists based in Mexico City, but with a national reach. The invitation was made considering the fact that the largest number of tourists comes from within the country itself.

Among the media were www.Tourismogourmet.com, a cyber publication dedicated to culinary tourism with 25 thousand unique visitors per month; www.elgourmet.com, with a monthly print run of 15 thousand magazines dedicated to the art of fine living; and the magazine Soy Chef, also with a 15 thousand print run and about 1,500 unique visitors per month to its site; the latter specializes in gastronomy in collaboration with the Asociación Culinaria de México.

From Brazil, the destination welcomed Black Card magazine, with a print run of 50 thousand, and the magazine Top Destinos, with a print run of 40 thousand and the only Brazilian magazine that specializes in luxury tourism. Both are distributed through luxury hotels, VIP lounges and airport bookstores, mainly in Sao Paulo.

The latter’s invitation was a continuation of the destination’s interest in the Brazilian market. This becomes then part of the strategy within Brazil to promote our luxury destination, inspiring more visitors to come to the Riviera Nayarit.

The journalists flown in from the United States represented La Opinión, the largest Hispanic newspaper in the nation, based in Los Angeles, with a daily distribution of 115,600 and a registered 380 thousand unique visits to its website, as well as a La Revista Latina, with a monthly distribution of 506,934 books.

The articles published in the United States that stemmed from this FAM trip will reach approximately 18.5% o the population, or some 35 million Hispanic Americans, all potential clients for the destination.

The return on investment generated via the FAM trips organized by the public relations reps with the media from Brazil, the United States and Mexico is very high compared to the initial investment.

It is through events such as these that the Riviera Nayarit CVB extends its reach within markets both captive and potential.
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