Birdwatching Routes Established In Lo De Marcos

  • Informational signage has been placed along the observation routes on the Camino a Las Minitas, La Laguna and La Boquita, as has a general information placard in the main square.

Four informational signs have been placed along the birdwatching routes in Lo de Marcos during the month of March of this year as part of the many local projects undertaken by the San Pancho Bird Observatory in the communities around the Riviera Nayarit.

“The birds are allowing us to create different programs aimed at local sustainability,” commented Luis Morales, Director of the San Pancho Bird Observatory.

A general information sign was placed in the village’s main square, as have been three additional signs with additional details along the Camino a Las Minas, La Laguna and La Boquita.

The signs include geographical information and a list of the birds, including images of the main ones and a listing of the 40 most common species in the area. They also have a detailed route map with distances and warnings, for example, regarding the presence of crocodiles in the area.

They also include QR codes that link to Google maps and a web page created specifically for networking:

The signs include logos from the different local businesses and organizations that are sponsoring them and are interested conservation and ecotourism. The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau is also participating in this initiative because of the importance these birds have as part of the natural heritage of the Destination.

Birdwatching is a recreational activity that can become a source of income for the locals, generating ecologically balanced sustainability and encouraging more responsible citizenship.

Chacala is one example where the training workshops are already bearing fruit. Here the locals have become involved in ecotourism thanks to the programs set in place by the San Pancho Bird Observatory in collaboration with the Guayabitos Rotary Club and the International Rotary. 
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