2015 Punta Sayulita SUP Classic

  • This international tournament will welcome 50 competitors including at least 10 professionals; among them, participants from Mexico’s SUP Team, who will use the Mexico SUP Tour circuit to measure their readiness for the upcoming SUP World Tour later this summer.

The second stop for the 2015 Mexico SUP TOUR was announced during a recent press conference; the event will take place from March 20-22 during the Punta Sayulita SUP Classic, now in its 6th consecutive year on the beaches of Sayulita, the Riviera Nayarit’s Surf Capital.

This is the first year that cash prizes are on the table for the winners of the Pro categories, with a purse of US$10,000 to be divided among the top three winners in each category. The over 50 participants will compete in the following categories: SUP Surf Pro and Amateur; 10K Distance Race; 4K Technical Race; Amateur; Fun Race; Kids and Relays.

They expect the presence of at least 10 Pro surfers, among them members of the Mexican SUP Team including Fernando Stalla, Javier “Bicho” Jiménez, and the National SUP Surf Champion, Felipe “Pipe” Rodríguez. They will be joined by international figures such as Ryan Help, trainer for the Mexican team, and the lovely Shelby Rose Taylor.

Several of the participants are expected to go on to compete in the World SUP Tournament to be held in Sayulita in the month of May; the different Mexico SUP TOUR stops serve as practice for competitors to measure their readiness for the bigger event. It’s of note that many of the pro participants will be offering workshops to the intermediates as part of the enjoyable atmosphere that reigns this weekend.               

The Groups and Events department of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Office (CVB) is part of the important group of sponsors that make this competition possible, which in turn continues to position Sayulita as the SUP Mecca of Mexico.

For details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/mexsuptour.
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