• Mexico is currently generating more software developers than the United States, attracting the attention of investors interested in the area’s great potential.

The top 20 computer students from the Universidad Tecnológica de Bahía de Banderas (UTBB) had the opportunity to attend a free conference during the Mita TechTalks 2013 thanks to the involvement of Rodrigo Pérez, Tourism Secretary for Nayarit.

“The state government realized the importance of the Mita TechTalks,” commented Mariano Montes de Oca, an entrepreneur from the Riviera Nayarit. “They wanted to ensure the event was not only for investors but also included local students.”

Top investors are coming to Mexico and are finding plenty of talent, entrepreneurs, funds and educational systems; however, according the Montes de Oca, the key is to connect the dots. The support of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is essential in making those connections.

“It’s extremely important the youngsters realize they are people, same as the adults, that we can all make it, especially in the tech field where there are no limits,” he added.

The topics included an entrepreneurial point of view with “How to structure a startup?” and ideas for the future.

Pablo Solano, one of the founders of the MITA Institute Investment Fund, added that in order to develop the industry there are many elements that need to come together, starting with government incentives.

“Currently the Mexican government is investing in innovation; we also need the private sector and initiatives like the MITA Institute, where we can work with private capital,” said Solano. “Then we need to involve the education sector, because if it isn’t included in this ecosystem there can be no development.”

One very interesting point is that Mexico is currently producing more software developers than the United States, an indication of the great potential in the region.

“The development industries want to collaborate and help economies with great potential such as Mexico’s so they can make the most of that capital opportunity. Part of the process is to find Latin American investors and make them understand the value of technology, which currently generates huge revenue,” said Pablo Solano.

The Riviera Nayarit CVB is a sponsor of the Mita TechTalks 2013 and reiterates its task of constantly promoting all the activities that generate revenue and help place the destination on the world stage.
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