Quelele Lagoon conservation project moving ahead
  • Representatives from the academic, business, governmental, private and social sectors attended a workshop scheduled to assess the lagoon.

The “Workshop for Evaluating the Technical Justification Study to Declare the Quelele Lagoon a Protected Area” was held on the morning of October 29th at the Instituto Tecnológico de Bahía de Banderas.

Margarita Carreón Estrada, Deputy Director of the institute and coordinator of the Technical Justification Study for the Quelele Lagoon, explained the motives behind the project as well as the current work in progress.

“We have begun to study the biological, physical and theocultural aspects of the region,” said Carreón Estrada. “This workshop was a starting point so we could study the information provided by those who are in close contact with the lagoon.”

The workshop will generate an assessment that will be delivered to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which has the authority to declare the zone a Protected Area.

 “If the species that currently exist in the lagoon are not sustainably managed we’ll have a decrease in biodiversity within a few years, along with contamination, soil erosion and water pollution,” added the Deputy Director. “This, in turn, will affect quality of life for the local residents.”

This is a well-timed call-to-action and fully supported by the State Government and the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau, both of which were present to help develop the project and bring it to fruition.

“The government has been completely in favor of this project,” she said. “They are very interested in conservation and good environmental resource management. Murphy has been an active participant at all the sessions that have taken place so far—including this workshop.”

The attendees included researchers, academics, private enterprise representatives, government personnel, local tenants and anyone who is in close contact with the lagoon. Other social sectors were also invited to join in and be taken into consideration. 

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