Open Invitation to the XVI Oyster Festival in Bucerías

  • Approximately 5,000 oysters will be given away along with 150 kilos of fried fish, 450 kilos of fish ceviche plus oyster salad, accompanied by fun cultural events including music, the contest for the biggest oyster and the crowning of a new Queen.

Playa El Punto will be the place to be on Sunday, April 3, 2016 for the XVI edition of the Oyster Festival in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit an occasion created by the divers themselves for the coastal communities and their visitors.

The Oyster Festival is organized by the 40 members of the Sociedad Corporativa de Producción Pesquera Boca de Chila, Peñita y Boca de Ameca, with the support of the Banderas Bay City Hall and the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau, this year’s main sponsors.

Modesto Ávalos, president of the Co-op, pointed out they expect to give away five thousand oysters, 150 kilos of fried fish and 450 kilos of ground fish ceviche to those in attendance, as well as an oyster salad made with 200 small oyster bags for those who miss out on oysters on the half shell.

The traditional contest for the Queen of the Oyster Festival will also be a part of the festivities. Meanwhile, the divers will compete to bring in the biggest oyster, for which they’ll win a complete set of scuba equipment.

“We’ve always wanted to hold a family event as well as honor the divers we’ve lost,” said Modesto Ávalos. “We want to make more room so more people can come and have fun, so we’re considering just using chairs instead of tables so it’s less crowded. We hope all of our visitors enjoy themselves.”

A mariachi will kick off the festivities, followed by two bands playing regional Mexican music, a Marco Antonio Solis double and many more surprises. 
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