Art and Legends in Nuevo Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

For many of us, conversation about art in the Riviera Nayarit generally revolves around the town of San Francisco, located about an hour from the first village you encounter in the Riviera. However, if you’re staying in Nuevo Vallarta you won’t have to go far to get your art fix. Its Marina, located at Villa Cinco, is a veritable art scene, one liberally sprinkled with stories and legends brought across the water by yacht and by sailboat to the local citizens.
In order to get there, simply head over to Villa 5 or the Marina Nuevo Vallarta. Here in this corridor you’ll find sculptures and stories created by different local artists that exhibit their work all winter long on Saturdays from 9 till noon.
There are also new installations to enjoy including the Sailboat Sculpture, which tells the tale of a sailor who traveled from the United States in search of his destiny. You’ll even be able to see the original sailboat: it’s been mounted just a few steps from the statue that symbolizes its voyage.
Another can’t-miss creation is the Sundial, also created by artist Federico León de la Vega. In fact, if you get lucky you just may have a chance to speak to de la Vega himself! He’s the perfect narrator for the story of the sailor who appeared on these shores and many other tales, thanks to his tenure at his Estudio Café, a unique place where you can escape reality amid the different expressions, feelings and worlds inspired by the art within. 

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