The Riviera Nayarit’s luxury is in the romance of its natural scenery. Love is truly what makes the world go round and your wedding is the best excuse to bring those closest to you to Mexico’s Most Romantic Destination, where they can enjoy the simple luxury of an unforgettable sunset and exceptional events by the light of the moon. The Riviera Nayarit is everyone’s darling, and even more so if the most anticipated moment of your life takes place in the this beautiful Pacific Treasure.

Most beach weddings take place during the wintertime, when the climate is more temperate and the landscapes are more vivid. By this time the rainy season has come and gone and left behind a vibrant green landscape splashed with color, which vies for attention with the brilliance of the sunset, the gentle breeze and the exceptional montages. This is your moment of a lifetime.

Here in the Riviera Nayarit we have exceptional natural backdrops, incredible world-class resorts, we offer impeccable service and have all the facilities needed for an unforgettable event. If you’d prefer a sunset ceremony, keep in mind the beach should have a western exposure so the pictures best take advantage of the setting sun. There are several other factors that come into play as well, as a beach wedding also means mosquitoes, mosquito repellant, damp towels, disinfectant and other details that are needed to make your guests comfortable while they’re enjoying the event.

If the beach is public you will need permits, especially if it’s a certified Clean Beach; then you’ll need to ensure everything is pretty much organic. We highly suggest placing straw mats on the sand to make walking more comfortable or, if you prefer the feeling of sand between your toes, you might want to have the sand leveled all the way up to the ceremony and reception areas so it all looks even.

Another important piece of advice: ensure your guests have special transportation to the venue, especially if they’re staying in accommodations far from your event. That way they’ll feel comfortable about having a safe trip home at whatever time they wish to leave.

Even though you might opt for a winter wedding, please remember you are still at the beach, which means humidity and some heat. Though it’s much cooler than any other time of year, it can still wreak havoc on the bridal couple and the guests. A bar or a refreshing drink service should be open at all times.

Last but not least: always ask your guests to let you know when they RSVP if they have any allergies to seafood or shellfish, as the menu will more than likely feature one or the other or both. Ask your wedding planner for a special menu for allergy sufferers and children.

And because the most important detail is the radiant, impeccable bride, don’t forget to choose the perfect dress and makeup for the event. You need to be comfortable and shine each and every moment, so all of your pictures are both exceptional and unique.

Come get married in the Riviera Nayarit, the most Romantic Destination in Mexico.

For the legal requirements to marry in the Riviera Nayarit, click here:
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