Riviera Nayarit is being recommended internationally

  • USA Today, the largest newspaper in the United States, described Mexico’s Pacific Treasure as one of the best and safest destinations in Mexico
  • The prestigious AAA praised the high ranking of hotels and restaurants in our destination, as they even ranked on top of many venues located in the United States.

In Riviera Nayaritluxury means magic, and it’s this very magic what enchants those who visit our destination, and what has also made Riviera Nayarit one of the best and safest destinations in Mexico.
Last Friday, February 17, USA Today, the newspaper with the largest circulation in the United States, described Riviera Nayarit as one of the best and safest destinations in Mexico. Additionally, on Monday, February 20, the American Automobile Association (AAA) praised the quality of the services offered in our destination, and even ranked them higher than those offered in most destinations in North America.
Entitled, “Mexico for the wary: A guide to safe, popular travel spots”, the travel section of USA Today published an article where they discuss the “abundant” touristic wonders of Mexico, and include a list of recommended tourist destinations, which include Riviera Nayarit.
The article cites an expert in international security from iJet, who stated that the crime rates in touristic zones in Mexico are very low, and that “Yes, there’s room for collateral damage, but you can get struck by lightning, too.”
Regarding Riviera Nayarit, the newspaper praised the diversity of our touristic options: “Prefer all-inclusive chain hotels? Try Nuevo Vallarta. If money’s no object, slip inside the gated enclaves of Punta Mita. If you like water sports by day and watering holes by night, the town of Sayulita is your spot. If you’re seeking peace and quiet in an artsy village, check into one of San Pancho’s small hotels.”
AAA ratings
The AAA – the most prestigious organization for hotel and restaurant classifications – stated that the quality of services in Riviera Nayarit is higher than those offered in most destinations in the United States.
“AAA’s inspectors have classified hotels, attractions and restaurants in Riviera Nayarit, and they reported that the quality of the services in this destination is higher than those offered in many destinations in North America. There’s high-end gastronomy and local experiences, compared to other destination in Mexico, the Caribbean and North America”, said Tony Perrone, AAA’s Manager  for Mexican Relationships, who also praised the safety of our destination.
“Everything is now in a positive alignment to increase travel to this area” said Perrone. “ It is now the time to utilize all the positive news to invite any of 53 Million members in US and Canada and all others,  who have never  visited this Destination,  to visit for the 1st time”.
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