Top 10 Most Incredible Views Of The Riviera Nayarit

If you’re looking for some amazing shots of the sunrise or sunset with just a touch of adrenaline, this list of Top 10 Most Incredible Views has what you’re looking for. We have to confess, though, that it was hard to pick just 10, because when it comes to spectacular views, the Riviera Nayarit has the market cornered!

10.- The Cerro del Mono, Sayulita
If you’re looking for views then it’s time to head for the mountains. There’s one that particularly stands out from those around it: the Cerro del Mono in Sayulita (Monkey Mountain). To get to this lookout you have to walk for about 45 minutes, but once you’re there, you’ll find each step was well worth it as you’ll be able to see the entire peninsula that extends to the state border.

9.- Vista Guayabitos Restaurant, Rincón de Guayabitos
There really isn’t a better name for this restaurant! It’s precisely the view—the vista—even more than the excellent food that leaves its patrons speechless. From your table you’ll be able to see the entire Bay of Jaltemba, including the majestic Coral Island.

8.- Mar al Cielo Eco Retreat Terrace, Lo de Marcos
This spot is imbued with a natural and organic ambiance, immersing you in total relaxation. From this terrace you’ll be able to witness the most beautiful sunsets in Lo de Marcos, which is aptly known as the Riviera Nayarit’s Peaceful Retreat.

7.- 4th and 18thHoles at the Litibú Golf Course
These two holes in this Greg Norman beauty top everything around it, thanks to the perfect balance achieved between design and beauty. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place to tee up your game.

6.- La Palapa at Don Pedros, Sayulita
Even though it technically belongs to Don Pedros, the palapa (thatched roof hut) is not in the restaurant—you actually have to walk a little over half a mile towards the south along the beach, up a little hill and bingo, there you are! Even though it’s a tiny place, the view is immense and endless: the sight of dozens of surfers snagging their waves is a sight you’ll not soon forget.

5.- The Lookout at Vista Paraíso, Higuera Blanca
Vista Paraíso is at the La Montalbeña Ranch, which among other things boasts the longest zip line in the destination, coming in at over half a mile in length. Around halfway down the tour of the lines that cross the mountains there’s a lookout that will give you the very best bird’s eye view of Punta de Mita and the Islas Marietas (similar to the Cerro del Mono).

4.- The Fort at the Contaduría, San Blas
There are several mountain lookouts in San Blas, but the best—thanks to its colorful history and its gorgeous view—is the one at the Cerro de Basilio. Besides giving you a panoramic view of the town, the beach and the Piedra Blanca (White Stone), you’ll be able to see the ancient Temple of the Virgin of the Rosary, the cannons that once defended the village and a series of relics on display at its museum.

3.- The Rooftop at Hotel Cinco, Puntade Mita
Described as “seafront luxury in Punta de Mita,” this is the place to go for breakfast with a side of the Islas Marietas and, if you want to visit them, they’re only 20 minutes away by skiff. The sunsets can’t be beat at this spot at the very tip of Nayarit.

2.- Garden and Infinity Pool at VillaBella B&B, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
This exclusive little gem is on the receiving end of a beautiful sunrise and a unique panoramic view of the town, the Marina Riviera Nayarit and all of Bahía de Banderas, earning it the second most-coveted spot on the list.

1.- Insú Sky Lounge at MarivalResidences, Nuevo Vallarta

This place takes the number one spot, thanks to its location on the seventh floor, its worldly, minimalist cuisine that takes its cues from three continents served in a relaxed atmosphere with the right background music, and the property’s enormous pools. And it doesn’t matter if your favorite sunset color is blue, green, orange or pastel pink—you’ll see each and every one of them here. 

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