The Riviera Nayarit Will Benefit Widely From The TMS Family Travel Summit

  • The hashtag #TMSRivieraNayarit enjoyed a very wide reach on social media with over 72 million impressions; since then there have been several articles published in specialized media in Mexico, the US and the UK; trends and statistics favor the Destination.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) arranged for the TMS Family Travel Summit to be held at the Destination because of the diffusion and awareness benefits for the brand, as well as the fact that the trends and statistics linked with Family Tourism forecast even more dividends.

There are gains to be had in the short, medium and long terms thanks to the relationships formed with the leaders in said industry within Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. Below is a summary of the most relevant information deemed favorable to the Destination. 

The media impact was felt during the actual event weekend, when the hashtag #TMSRivieraNayarit reached over 72 million people on social media. Articles have already been published in specialized media including Travel Weekly, Travel Age West, Chicago Tribune, and Fox News, among many others.

California leads the way in international family travel from the United States to Mexico; this country tops the list of vacation destinations for families from the United States. According to Google, a little over three million US travelers visited Mexico and the Caribbean.
Seventy percent of the families indicated their children were the top influencers when it came to deciding where to go for vacation. The parents declare their biggest investment is in the education of their children and family travel.

Regarding the study of the Hispanic Market in the US, it was found this particular segment leads the way in family travel to Mexico. Thirty-five percent of US citizens that travel out of the country with children are Hispanic. Hispanics in the US spent $21 billion USD in vacations the past year. Family travel tends to involve longer stays and brings its members closer together. They also prefer traveling in the summertime and look forward to enjoying different foods.

Family travel is multigenerational and includes Baby Boomers, Millennials and the X Generation. The older set wants to travel with their children and grandchildren while they still have their health. Experts in Marketing recognize that families represent a growing multimillion-dollar business for tourism, since 45% of leisure travelers expect to travel as a family in 2016. 
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