New Iconic Sculpture Planned for Marina Nuevo Vallarta

  • A new Sailboat Sculpture will be installed in the marina during the next solstice in the spirit of generating and promoting new attractions for the area. The inspiration was a young man with an adventurous spirit that visited the marina a little more than a decade ago.

The Marina Nuevo Vallarta is an area filled with restaurants and cafés where art, culture and cuisine are displayed in different forms. This is where the so-called “Sailboat Sculpture” will be installed, ready to become an iconic figure and the newest attraction on the Riviera Nayarit.

The work of art was conceived by painter Federico León de la Vega and developed with sculptor Octavio González (creator of “The Whale” installed at the Marina Puerto Vallarta as well as other pieces located in the region). In addition to the artists, Andrés Burzaco and local businessmen will all be working together for the inauguration during the next solstice on December 21, 2014. The sculpture will also double as a sundial.

The bronze piece will weigh over 2,800 pounds and stand nearly 10 feet tall with a span of over 11 feet. The sails will be made of highly polished steel in order to reflect the landscape.

A young man who left everything he had in order to lead a life of freedom and adventure provided the inspiration for the sculpture. His voyage from the United States to Nayarit was a dangerous one, but his conviction was the reason he’s now being given a place of honor in the history of the bay.

Federico, who received the 19-year-old youth, commented referring to the fact that the boy was hired just a few days after he arrived as crew aboard an enormous yacht that traveled the world: “He now travels more securely, with food and in comfort. I have no idea what happened to the boy. It’s possible that by interrupting his studies he won’t make it in life, but I’d rather think that thanks to his impulsive nature and his faith he’ll be successful at whatever he decides to do.”

The monument will be located to one side of Estudio Café, which was the first business to open in the area and is owned by the painter himself.

At the Marina Nuevo Vallarta the boardwalk becomes an art walk every weekend from November through May. Artists take this opportunity to showcase their work, from painting, dance and music to any other manifestation of art made with love.

The marina offers aquatic taxi services, as well as a public beach area for its visitors. As Federico says, “there is no better place to enjoy a day out, whether you’re walking, on your bike or even in a wheelchair.”

Click here to see a video highlighting what you can enjoy at the Marina Nuevo Vallarta during art walk season:
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