Riviera Nayarit outstands during Pana Am Games Sailing Competitions

After three days of Pan Am Games Sail competitions, six completed regattas for each of the participating classes, Riviera Nayarit has demonstrated why was chosen as host to this discipline, outsatnding with its nautical infraestructure and weather conditions that allow to practice this sport year round.  Mexican sailors are still struggling for the medals along with the teams of Brazil, Argentina and US which seem to be the strongest contenders.

1          Brazil              Alexandre do Amaral/Gabriel Borges
2          USA               Gilberto Díaz/Kethleen Carol Tocke                        
3          Chile               Pedro FElipe Robles/José Ignacio López
1          USA               John Arthur Mollicone (skipper)
2          Brazil              Mauricio Oliveira (skipper)
3          Argentina        Francisco José Van Avermaete (skipper)
1          USA               Jody Ward Lutz (skipper)
2          Brazil              Claudio Biekarck (skipper)
3          Chile               Alberto González (skipper)
Hobbie 16
1          Puerto Rico     Enrique Figueroa/Víctor Aponte
2          Brazil              Bernardo Arndt/Bruno Oliveira
3          Guatemala      Jason Alexander Hess/José Daniel Hernández
Windsurf femenil
1          Brazil              Patricia Freitas
2          Mexico            Demita Vega
3          USA               Lin Farrah Hall
Winsurf varonil
1          Brazil              Ricardo Santos
2          Argentina        Mariano Reutemann
3          Mexico            David Mier y Terán
Láser Radial (femenil)
1          Argentina        Cecilia Carranza
2          Mexico            Tania Elías Calles
3          Canada           Anna Isabella Bertold
Láser (varonil)
1          Argentina        Julio Alsogaray
2          Chile               Matías Andrés del Solar
3          Brazil               Bruno da Silva
1          Brasil              Matheus Dellagnello
2          USA               Paul Jeffrey Foerster

3          Argentina        Francisco Julio Renna

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