Riviera Nayarit, Summer of Stars!

Lady Gaga
Charlie Sheen
Riviera Nayarit welcomed international personalities for three consecutive weeks: 
Courtney Cox, Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga.

Courteney Cox
August was a very popular month for Celebrities in Riviera Nayarit.  With so much to do, and so many high quality services while maintaining discretion its no wonder why so many Stars are continuously visiting Riviera Nayarit to spend their free R&R time

Courtney Cox, former star of the popular TV show ‘Friends’ spent the weekend in Punta Mita together with her daughter and her new partner. According to witnesses, Cox was seen dining at the Bahia restaurant at the Four Seasons Punta Mita.

Pop superstar Lady Gaga spent 4 days at Los Ranchos, Punta Mita, and took surf lessons at La Lancha with instructors of Tranquilo Surf, before going back to the United States to launch her new single, “You and I” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Additionally, Charlie Sheen, former star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ celebrated the birthday of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller at the Four Seasons Punta Mita, according to his own Twitter post. While at the hotel, he said: “We’d forgotten how much we love this place. Mexico is paradise… and Brooke and I are planning to spend the rest of the month here”. Before his departure, he added: “Adios Mexico… I’d like to thank all the people at Punta Mita… we’ll have to come back soon… until then.”

These celebrities have joined the long list of personalities that have visited Riviera Nayarit in 2011, including the soccer player Thierry Henry, Kate Hudson, Gerry Lopez, Eric Dane, Soleil Moon Frye, Mario Lopez, Elsa Benítez, Ana Gabriela Guevara and the sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

These celebrities shared two things in common; they all had a chance to spend an undisturbed vacation away from the hectic day to day pressures of celebrity life, and they shared their vacations experiences with their fans upon their return. We would like to thank all our celebrities for choosing Mexico’s Pacific Treasure and conveying to the world a message of the safety and well being that is enjoyed in Riviera Nayarit.
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