Incredible settings for your pics in the Riviera Nayarit

The Riviera Nayarit has an endless number of perfectly marvelous spaces for taking the pics of a lifetime—some are on the beach and others are immersed in nature. Want the scoop on the best places to photograph when quarantine is over? Read on!


1- A tree in the middle of the sea in Carreyeros

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But it’s real! This beach has a tree right in the middle of the sea with a really cool shape, perfect for Instagram! If you’re lucky and tide is low, can splash around in the little pools that are left behind in the rocks around the tree. It’s truly a magical place!

2- The Mirador del Toro overlook at Los Ayala

The pics you take here will take your breath away: the endless view is so perfect and hypnotic that it seems unreal. This place is ideal for those who love hiking, nature, and the beach. Pay attention to the water—if you’re lucky you’ll be able to see a pod of dolphins playing among the reefs. Your picture will look just like a postcard!

3- Punta Raza Beach

This is a fairly uncrowded beach and a marvelous backdrop for a shot of nature in all its glory: just the sand, the sea, and you. This beachfront paradise is also home to a public beach club where you can hang out and chill all day.

4- Tortugas Beach

The palm trees are the stars here! The landscape is dotted with dozens of tall palm trees on an idyllic beach where the pics are always amazing.

5- Limoncito Beach

Nature is impressive and this is no exception. Here you’ll find a gorgeous beach and one very peculiar palm tree. Located in San Blas, you have to pass through Platanitos beach to get to it. Besides taking some incredible pics, you’ll also have a chance to enjoy some very delicious dishes at a great price.

6- Mirador de Buda lookout in San Pancho

If you enjoy going for nature walks in a tropical jungle to see the flora and fauna, this is the spot and with it comes a view of the beaches in Malpaso and Sayulita. Simply follow the trail of carnations in San Pancho.

7- Malpaso

Hikers and mountain bikers will find this to be a great trail for their chosen sport: the path is gorgeous, and it connects to a beautiful, nearly virgin beach. You’ll love the landscape!

8- El Barro Beach

This beach has crystal-clear water, white sand, a pretty strong tide, and very few people. As its name describes (barro means clay), you’ll find clay deposits here that many visitors use as a body mask—it feels delicious! The beach is really beautiful, you’ll love it!

9- Litibú

Litibú is one of the prettiest beaches in the Riviera Nayarit: it’s very long and the waves are great for surfing or a swim. You can’t miss this slice of paradise in the Riviera Nayarit.

10- Los Venados beach in Lo de Marcos

To get to the beach at Los Venados you can rent a paddle board and head out from the main beach at Lo de Marcos. Ask locals for more details—it’s one of this lovely destination’s hidden treasures.