In the Riviera Nayarit you can enjoy your favorite restaurant meal without leaving home

  • The Riviera Nayarit Restaurant
    Association is following the “Stay at Home” guidelines and makes available a
    list of restaurants offering home delivery service to those who live in the

you’re home because of the health crisis due to COVID-19, you’re working from
home and you have no time to cook, or you simply wish to enjoy a taste of your
favorite restaurant, worry not! In the Riviera Nayarit, we bring the restaurant
to your house!

Riviera Nayarit Restaurant Association (ARRN) is following the global “Stay at
Home” guideline, joining the #StayHomeWithRivieraNayarit hashtag that the
Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Banderas Bay Hotel
and Motel Association (AHMBB) have championed since the beginning of the health
crisis. The ARRN has provided a list of places that are still open and offering
take-out service or home delivery.

is, undoubtedly, an excellent way of supporting local business as it opens the
opportunity to attract clients who can help alleviate the difficulties the
COVID-19 has created in the economy of this tourist destination.   

has always played an important part in the tourism promotion of Mexico’s
Pacific Treasure, it is one of its biggest attractions thanks to the quality of
its restaurants and chefs, who offer new experiences to diners, locals, and

this respect, Marc Murphy, managing director of the Riviera Nayarit Convention
and Visitors Bureau, had this to say:

unprecedented times have presented the Riviera Nayarit with the opportunity to
showcase its unmatched hospitality, unique to our destination. Even from afar,
the tourist sector of the Riviera Nayarit is more united than ever.”

Mario Nasser, president of the ARRN, had this to add:

know how much you must miss visiting your favorite restaurants this season, so
we’ve decided to take the restaurants to your home so you can still enjoy your
favorite dishes.”

list includes options for all tastes and budgets: Fine cuts of meat,
traditional Mexican cuisine, international cuisine, Italian cuisine,
Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine, Asian cuisine, seafood, hamburgers,
Cajun-style and roasted chicken, burritas, tacos, and barbacoa.  

note is the fact the option of take-out and home delivery is an alternative to
apps such as Uber Eats.

you must continue to follow the official recommendations to prevent contagion,
even though the health authorities have stated there is no evidence of
contagion by food. However, it is suggested to maintain your distance when
receiving the order and do so with clean hands to as not to risk the delivery
person’s health or your own.

is a list of places that offer take-out and home delivery service in the
Riviera Nayarit:

Mexico’s Pacific Treasure will be here when the COVID-19 health crisis is over.
Meanwhile, #StayHomeWithRivieraNayarit
our website:

The Riviera
Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Bahía de Banderas Hotel
and Motel Association (AHMBB) reaffirm their commitment to the strategic
promotion of the destination, pursuing opportunities, and consolidating new
markets to increase the number of incoming tourists with the support of the
Government of the State of Nayarit via the Tourism Promotion Trust (Fiprotur).

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