Chacala in 10 pictures, discover Riviera Nayarit

Chacala is one of the Riviera Nayarit’s 23
micro-destinations: its beaches are truly beautiful, each with its own
characteristics—they offer everything from the gentlest of waves to the most
extreme rollers made for surfers. The landscape is unique in Chacala, adorned
with palm trees and the spectacular blue of the ocean.
Get to know more of Chacala in these 10 pics!
In Chacala palm trees dot the landscape
wherever you turn. It’s also become a getaway for travelers from around the
world. Its tranquility is unequaled. Picture 

Chacala offers accommodations in eco-boutique
hotels; the locals are also part of the Techos de México (Roofs of
Mexico) project, where tourists can lodge in private homes to help boost the
inhabitants’ economy.
The sunsets in Chacala are particularly special
and its beaches are practically virgin, making it the ideal destination for
nature lovers. Picture 
No doubt you’ll find the perfect spot for
souvenir pics on these beaches. The best part? You’ll pretty much have the
beach to yourself!
 Picture @stubbrnpisces
Chacala’s inhabitants use motorboats as the
local mode of transportation; it’s also the home of the important Surf Fishing
Tournament. Picture 
Chacala is very popular for its Yoga retreats—lovers
of this activity will find the perfect place to combine this discipline with
nature and exclusivity. Picture 
You can also do a bit of hiking and explore the
lovely landscapes all around you. Picture 
The destination’s top beaches are Las Cuevas,
Chacalilla, and the Caleta—all small bays that give visitors a sense of
There are all kinds of fauna in the area; it
has, in fact, been called the “Gallery Town” for its local diversity, including
several species of birds. 
Picture @betoxmexico

Chacala is 77 kilometers south of San Blas and
32 kilometers north of Rincón de Guayabitos. We know you’ll love it! 
What was your favorite? We invite you to
discover Chacala. If you’re a nature lover, we’re sure you’ll be amazed.
Remember to use the #RivieraNayarit hashtag on our social media—we like to see
you having fun!

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