Which Riviera Nayarit beach are you according to your personality?

Since we’re all stuck at home, we want to share some info so you’ll be ready to pick your perfect beach for your next vacation. As the saying goes: “Tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you what Riviera Nayarit beach is the one for you!”
The Riviera Nayarit has a beach for every taste, each one is different and has its own vibe that charms the visitors that come see us every year. If you want to know what style of beach matches your personality, keep reading! 
San Pancho, the cultural capital of the Riviera Nayarit 
This beach is for those who love culture and want to get up close and personal with nature. You don’t need a lot of words to describe San Francisco, or San Pancho as most people call it. It’s also known as the cultural capital of the Riviera Nayarit because its streets are steeped in culture: the town is home to the Entre Amigos community center, where culture is on tap every day with workshops for the local community. Its beach is gorgeous with an infinite expanse of blue: this is the place to read a book, catch some rays or walk your pet on a perfect afternoon.

Bucerías, the beach for lovers of extreme sports 
If you love extreme sports, then Bucerías is for you: this beach is great for kite surfing thanks to having the best wind conditions in the entire bay. This sport requires a lot of strength and skill to fly above the waves since basically you control a giant kite pulled by the wind.

Sayulita is for the adventurous spirit 
We’ve chosen Sayulita for travelers with an adventurous spirit who like good waves and want a lot of variety when they eat. In Sayulita you’ll find people from all over the world who love surfing and culture. It’s a must-visit—you really have to spend at least one day here when you’re in the Riviera Nayarit. This town is only 30 minutes from the Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit Airport. 

San Blas is for history lovers 
This beach has history built-in: it’s been a stop for by sailors for more than 200 years, and is brimming with stories, legends, adventures, and picturesque landscapes. San Bas is ideal for those who like to visit those places that are a part of our country’s history. San Blas is a little over three hours from Nuevo Vallarta, and here you can visit the Fort or the Contaduría, the old Customs House, the Temple of the Mariner, and La Piedra Blanca (White Rock). 

Punta de Mita is for seekers of luxury and serenity 
Do you like luxury and exclusivity? Then Punta de Mita is for you! This is the Riviera Nayarit’s luxury micro-destination, home to the most exclusive resorts in the region and some of the areas loveliest and quietest beaches. We just know you’re going to love it! Its white sand is super soft, and you won’t believe the color of the water—it’s plucked right from your dreams, a true Mexican paradise. 

Rincón de Guayabitos is for family travel 
When you travel with children, you’re is always on the lookout for a family-friendly place with gentle waves and a wide beach where they can play. Rincon de Guayabitos is the best place to go—it’s very popular with travelers and the water is so calm it seems like a giant swimming pool. You can let the kids play around on the beach while you sample something delicious from the local gastronomy.

We don’t want you to stay on just one beach: we want you to enjoy them all! Come visit and experience what makes them different and why they’re a hit with travelers all year round. Remember to use the #RivieraNayarit hashtag when you visit any of them—we want to see you enjoying this Mexican paradise!
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