San Pancho Children’s Circus announces its newest show: Sancho

  • The fundraiser will take place from March 18-21,2020 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bodega Circo in the “Culture Capital of the Riviera Nayarit.” Presale tickets are available!

San Pancho’s Circo de Los Niños has announced its latest circus arts extravaganza, Sancho, to be held at the Bodega Circo in San Francisco, Nayarit (also known as San Pancho) from March 18-21 at 7:30 p.m.

This is the eighth fundraiser for this non-profit organization designed to encourage the artistic, technical, and personal development of local children through the circus and dance arts.

Every year Bodega Circo is transformed into an elaborate stage to showcase the talent of these young students with intricate costumes, decorations, lights and projections, music, and choreography. The event is produced by Gilles St. Croix (one of the founders of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil) and co-designed by Monique Voyer, who founded the project in 2011.

Sancho, the show
According to the organizers, this year’s show focuses on Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s squire in Cervantes’ novel. “What happened to Sancho when Don Quixote died? The author didn’t write about that. So, we can imagine that Sancho Panza continued the adventures and the search for justice he learned from his mentor.”

To this story they added a small boy who passes himself off as Sancho Panza and, using his imagination, lives in don Quixote’s magical world. While he rides his “burro bicycle,” Sancho encounters kids and joins them in some extraordinary acrobatics that allow him to see that you can do anything if you use your imagination, determination, and effort.

“There are no spoken words, or very few. Elegant acrobatic groupings, daring feats, and music add to the drama and intensity of the acting, which will surely charm spectators of every age.”

Ticket presale begins
Tickets for the show are already on presale, with general admission at $600 MXN. There are also Sponsor-level tickets for the Dream Catcher program (scholarship fund) at a cost of $2,500 MXN.

All proceeds from the event is earmarked for youth programs. Seats are general admission, with the exception those set aside for donors.

For more information visit, their Facebook page, or email

Bodega Circo is located between the San Pancho Collective and the Entreamigos Community Center in the coastal village known as the “Culture Capital of the Riviera Nayarit.”

Don’t miss your chance to get tickets—this event sells out fast!

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  1. Comunicado oficial del Circo de los Niños

    18 de marzo 2020

    Nuestro evento de primavera es un momento de alegría, celebración e inspiración para los niños de San Pancho, sus familias y la comunidad entera.

    Como Circo de los Niños valoramos, por encima de cualquier otra cosa, la seguridad y bienestar de nuestra comunidad de alumnos e instructores, y del amable público que apoya nuestros proyectos.

    A la luz del ordenamiento que hace el Gobierno de Nayarit y el Municipio de Bahía de Banderas respecto al Covid - 19, nuestras fechas del 18,19, 20 y 21 de marzo, de nuestro 8vo evento de Circo de los niños para la recaudación de fondos, quedan canceladas.

    Igualmente queda cancelada la presentación del show para padres de familia esta noche del 17 de marzo.

    Es una triste noticia para nuestros niños del Circo. Estamos sinceramente agradecidos con todos los que forman parte de nuestra audiencia, que han ofrecido la cancelación de sus boletos como donación al Circo de los niños

    Para aquellos que prefieran el reembolso quisiéramos ofrecer, si fuera posible, la reposición con un boleto para el show del próximo año.

    Vivimos tiempos de desafíos para nuestras comunidades local e internacional. Podremos permanecer todos saludables y esperamos que estos momentos se tornen mejores para todos.

    Gracias a nuestros estudiantes, familias, amigos y donadores por su compromiso. Gracias por su comprensión. Sigamos apoyando al Circo de los niños y a la comunidad.


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