San Pancho welcomes the VIII Riviera Nayarit Polo Cup 2019

  • To end 2019 on a high note, La Patrona Polo & Equestrian will welcome lovers of the “Sport of Kings” to a passionate, adrenaline-filled event with a splash of rhythm, flavor, and beauty.

The VIII Riviera Nayarit Polo Cup, the most important equestrian event of the Pacific coast, is set to welcome lovers of the sport and its lifestyle for a fun, exciting weekend from December 13-15.

The “Sport of Kings” will be played at La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club, considered one of the most beautiful and functional clubs in all of Mexico, with the participation of 25 national and international players against the magnificent landscape of the tropical jungle in San Francisco, Nayarit.

Activities accompanying the competition—organized by Top Sports—include a culinary experience featuring the gastronomy of the La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club and the talent of high-end mixologists who will share their exclusive creations with attendees.

Fashion will also be a part of the mix with the Polo Fashion Show that will showcase Mexican designers and the country’s latest trends.

Guest sport
Two of the equestrian world’s most exclusive disciplines will come together for the first time in the history of the Riviera Nayarit Polo Cup: the traditional game of Polo, with Show Jumping as a guest sport. The combination of these two premier sports will garner more relevance for the event and show the world what the destination is capable of.

Although this is the eighth cup, it is the third consecutive year being hosted at La Patrona, with the full support and backing of the Banderas Bay Hotel and Motel Association (AHMBB) and the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

There are six teams competing for the crown comprised of the following players:

San Jorge - Riviera Nayarit: Jorge Suárez / Rodrigo Cobos: 0 | Rodolfo Ramos: 2 | José A. Ayala: 1 | Emiliano Ayala: 1. Four-goal handicap.

Agua Alta - Nayarit Enamora / Hacienda San Pancho: Manuel Matos Gil: 1 | Guillermo Jiménez: 0 | Diego González: 2 | Martín Vidrio: 0 Three-goal handicap.

Monterrey - Cuadra /Reflect: Isacc Sepúlveda: 1 | Sofía Landa: 0 | Valerio Aguilar: 5 | Tere Landa: -1 Five-goal handicap.

Destination- GCI: Miguel Gómez de Parada: 3 | Octavio Lamas: 0 | Dante Munguía: -1 | Carlos Hernández:  4. Six-goal handicap.

Necedad La Perla Polo Team - Grand Velas / Bolongo: Juan Pablo Gallegos: 0 | Rodrigo Anaya: 1 | Luis Pérez Ochoa: 2 | Joel Acosta: 2. Five-goal handicap.

Royal Mesch - Top Sports: Adrián Cuevas: -1 | Juan Carlos Galán: 1 | Manolo Calvo: 2 | Benito Hernández: 3. Five-goal handicap.


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The Riviera Nayarit reaffirms its status as an ideal destination for the advancement of sports tourism thanks to the many world-class events that take place here, backed by the Government of the State of Nayarit via the Tourism Promotion Trust (Fiprotur).