SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT IN THE RIVIERA NAYARIT: Lo de Perla, a seaside garden

  • Over 800 orchids, hundreds of plants including cacti and bromeliads, as well as several species of birds all live in harmony in this jungle garden located near the town of San Pancho.

In this place, the orchids and other exotic flowers grow at their own pace, misted by the sea breeze and tucked away in the tropical jungle. The Lo de Perla Jardín de la Selva (Lo de Perla Jungle Garden) is the creation of Alejandro de Perla, a visionary and nature lover who has already earned the title of “Lord of the Orchids.”

The garden is located at Las Lomas ranch, near the coastal town of San Pancho, the Cultural Capital of the Riviera Nayarit, which can be reached via Federal Highway 200.

Here visitors will admire more than 800 native orchids hanging from the trees, as well as 120 different fruit trees, bromeliads, ferns, lianas, and fabulous mushrooms. This is also home to about 25 mammals, 30 reptiles, 120 birds, 300 multicolored butterflies, and thousands of insects.

The tour through this amazing jungle paradise takes about three hours. Though it might seem a bit daunting at first, it’s actually quite easy as the trails are well-kept and there are several resting places.
Currently the orchids reproduce naturally, as they do not manage hybrids. There is a total of 60 flowering species: half open in the spring and half during the fall. There are no winter flowers, because according to Alejandro de Perla there are no flowering species during that time of year.

He adds that, until now, this garden in San Pancho is the only one of its kind in the jungles of Nayarit, as most of the gardens that exist in the State have a roof or are enclosed “like glass boxes.”

You’ll have to go to San Pancho to the Bodega 3, which is the meeting point for visitors. From there you’ll be taken to the town of Las Lomas, then down a 3-km road to the start of the orchid garden.

Clothing and accessories to help you enjoy the tour:

+ Tennis shoes or comfortable hiking boots
+ Bug repellent
+ Long-sleeved shirts and long pants
+ Hat or cap

The facts:
Lo de Perla is a non-profit garden. Its natural scenery is paid for with its own funds, which is why tips and donations to support the project are always welcome.

For more information call: Cell: 322 1811 909 | Cell. (55) 3988 0540.
Or visit the website:

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