No Manches Frida 2 To Film In The Riviera Nayarit

Jesús Carmona, presidente de la AHMBB; la actriz y productora Martha Higareda; Brian Segrave, gerente general del hotel W Punta de Mita, y Mauricio Argüelles, productor de la cinta No Manches Frida 2.

  • The movie, Martha Higareda and Omar Chaparro, will be shot on location at the W Punta de Mita and other iconic locations around the Riviera Nayarit; filming will begin in early May.

The Riviera Nayarit will serve as the location for the filming of sequel to the movie No Manches Frida, starring Martha Higareda and Omar Chaparro, which will be screened in early 2019 in 1,500 theaters around Mexico, several countries in Latin America, and in the United States. Filming begins on May 6th in Punta de Mita.

Producers Argüelles, Lebrija, Allen, and Higareda met at the W Punta de Mita hotel to scout the facilities, as they expect to shoot 70% of the movie in that location, with the balance shot in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. The film will be distributed by Pantelion and Videocine.

The first part of No Manches Frida hit the screens in 2016 to considerable acclaim, which led to this sequel. The movie tells the story of “Zequi,” a thief who once out of jail decides to return to get the money he buried with his accomplice in an empty lot—which is now the site of the gymnasium for the Frida Kahlo Institute junior high school. The thief signs on as a substitute teacher, but in order to get what he needs he has to deal with fellow teacher “Lucy” and a handful of rebellious students.

Mauricio Argüelles commented they hope to repeat the success of the first movie with this sequel, which is why they have already signed on the starring couple, as well as Regina Pavón and Mario Morán, and Vallarta actor Aarón Díaz.

Location scouting at the W Punta de Mita.

According to Martha Higareda, though, they have also secured the participation of the kids from the 4th B class—who are now in the 5th B class—to play the same characters they did in the first part; the participation of a seasoned actress was also secured, though she declined to give her name, saying only that “growing up, I was one of her biggest fans.”

The shoot will take place over a total of seven weeks in locations in the Riviera Nayarit mainly at the W Punta de Mita hotel with its original design, inspired by the Huichol culture and its unparalleled magic.

Martha Higareda will play the role of “Lucy,” the teacher.

Tourism and movies always go hand in hand
The actress states she was very pleased to be shooting in the Riviera Nayarit and to be a sort of “ambassador” with each of the movies she produces and or stars in.

“Movie magic is beautiful, as is the case of No Manches Frida, where we shot on location at a tourism destination. The movie travels around and will be shown in Mexico, the United States, and in different countries around Latin America.”

“It’s always been a very important personal mission to be able to share moving stories with a universal message that are also set in some of the most beautiful locations in our country—and then share them around the world (…) So whenever possible when I’m either producing or acting in a movie, I always say ‘let’s shoot it and showcase the best our country has to offer.”

Martha Higareda in the lobby of W Punta de Mita.

Higareda shared that once the filming began they will be hiring locals for secondary roles or as extras, as well as for work behind the cameras. Not only that, but a movie the scale of No Manches Frida will always bring in people needing accommodations, who will eat at the restaurants or visit local businesses.

“This is a great opportunity for those girls and boys who have either dreamed of being in acting or who love the cinema and want to know what goes on behind the cameras. It’s very important to hire local people, because there are a lot of hard working, talented people here,” she added.

Finally, the actress—who made her name with Amar te Duele, Así del Precipicio, and Niñas Mal, and who recently entered the Netflix market with Altered Carbon—still finds joy in the smaller things of life, such as “standing in front of this amazing ocean and watching a gorgeous sunset; this is what we need to put up on the big screen and show everywhere so people come and visit Mexico.”
W Punta de Mita’s unique concept will be on full display in No Manches Frida 2.
The facts:
The Riviera Nayarit Film Commission is focused on driving the film industry in the state using its natural scenery. This commission offers a series of services and facilities for producers and directors interested in filming their next production in the destination.

To date over 100 movies, including the well-known Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Limitless, and Elysium; TV shows from major networks including Univision, Telemundo, Televisa, TV Azteca, Canal 40, BBC, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, MTV, NHK Japan, ESPN, and the Redneck Island Reality Show; and a considerable number of music videos and TV commercials have been filmed in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.

With the arrival of celebrities to Mexico’s Pacific Treasure the destination acquires hundreds of thousands of media impressions, something that doubtless reinforces the promotional efforts to position the destination on the world stage that are implemented by the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Bahía de Banderas Hotel and Motel Association (AHMBB), with the support of the Government of the State of Nayarit via the Tourism Promotion Trust (Fiprotur).

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