Open Invitation To 12th Sinergiarte Festival By Colectivo San Pancho 2017

  • Colectivo San Pancho invites the community, guests and visitors to enjoy different artistic, educational and social offers presented from December 27-29 under the slogan “Coexistence: Change, Conscious, Collective.”

San Pancho, a seaside village in the Riviera Nayarit, is hosting the 12th Sinergiarte Festival 2017 from December 27-29, 2017, organized by Colectivo San Pancho, which proposes this year to coexist from your conscience.
According to its organizers: “We know change is imminent and we can’t stop it; however, what we can do is act selectively and address our natural environment with respect. This is everyone’s duty, with each of us contributing our own ‘grain of sand’ so we can create a community that’s involved in the creation of a conscious San Pancho, appreciating and admiring the diversity in which we seek to Coexist.”
The details
The Sinergiarte Festival began 12 years ago as a showcase for displaying and sharing the different manifestations of art and culture that occur in San Pancho, a town that’s come to be known as an involved, committed and responsible community, that cares not only for the richness of its original traditions, but also what its new inhabitants bring to the table, whether local, from Mexico or from the world at large.

This is why this year the Colectivo San Pancho proposes the creation of a network of businesses that follow healthy guidelines, and an educational program to be developed throughout 2018 in order to inform, raise awareness, and transform habits, uses, and traditions that revolve around the waste deteriorating the environment and the quality of life.
The Colectivo also invites is citizens, guests and visitors to enjoy the solid and varied artistic, education and social offers it will be presenting, from contemporary dance; circus, graphics and scenic arts; theater, documentaries and diverse musical performances to competitive riding demonstrations with dancing horses to the beat of the local band, Turquesa. In the evenings there will be concerts by local and guest bands, national rap and many other artistic expressions.
The program
The three days of free events begin on Wednesday, December 27th at 6 p.m. with a colorful and lively parade celebrating Coexistence, filled with magical and fantastic creatures enjoying this grand banquet of celebrations and blessings. That same evening there will be music, a graphics expo, a culinary tasting, handicrafts, video and lots of magic. Nearly everything takes place on the Plaza del Sol.
Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th mean music on the boardwalk, and the beach will host soccer and volleyball tournaments, as well as workshops and capoeira and gymnastics presentations. It all begins at 4 p.m. and the activities continue at the Plaza del Sol basecamp.
There will be very varied and rich local music presentations, including rock, jazz, blues and even Afro-Antillean or Caribbean beats such as salsa and cumbia. Guest musicians include Paola Vergara, Cynthia Candelas, and the Agrupación Cariño with its Mexican cumbia beats, all ready to share the art and the good life with everyone who comes to see them from around the country.
For more information email:

Tel: 01 (311) 258 4231 and (311) 123 33 00. 
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