IV Sea Turtle Festival At Playa Platanitos

  • This year marks the start of a project to plant species that will serve as a natural food supply for hummingbirds, thus adding to the area’s attractions.

The IV Sea Turtle Festival is set to take place on July 23-24, 2016 at Playa Platanitos, organized by the Playa Platanitos Ecológico A.C. and the town of Platanitos. This year’s guest of honor is the hummingbird.

“One of the festival’s objectives every year is to help us create a new environmental project, without forgetting the sea turtles that are frequent visitors to our beach,” said Lourdes Santana, President of Playa Platanitos Ecológico A.C. “We invite locals and tourists to come enjoy the free shows, dances, singers and music—and they can participate as well!”

The Hummingbird Garden is being set up in an empty lot next to the beach, where the group is planting several species of flowering plants that are a favorite of hummingbirds. This will attract them naturally while keeping them free, thus creating another attraction for this beach area. It will also become a feeding ground for other bird species.

The nature tours this year will include the beach and this new garden. The guides will be top quality specialists in the field, all members of businesses including Keikary, Uumbali, Safari San Blas, Onca Expediciones, the Patronato de Mejoras Materiales y Sociales de Compostela and Westwings, among others.

This seven-month long project will come to fruition at the 5 p.m. inauguration of the IV Sea Turtle Festival.

The Nayarit State Government via its Tourism Board is sponsoring the garden, as are local businesses and the Groups and Events office of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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