Mexico tourism industry not impacted by the Zika Virus

The Mexico Tourism Board reported that the Zika virus infection is a new and emerging disease in the country with only a minimal number of cases identified. Epidemiologic studies have found that the virus is under control in the country. With very few cases identified and containment efforts in place the tourism industry in Mexico has not been affected and is not at risk.

The Ministry of Health of Mexico launched a variety of measures to maintain epidemiological control of the virus and limit its potential to spread. As the Zika virus infection is similar to that of dengue and chikungunya, prevention programs, health communication activities, and epidemiology screenings implemented since 2014, have helped to minimize the breeding of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the country.

Measures to prevent and control the virus will remain in place to inhibit an outbreak.  Additionally, stronger clinical services and operations, epidemiology screenings, health communication programs and vector control efforts have been deployed. 

The Mexico Tourism Board urges visitors to follow the guidelines presented by the Ministry of Health of Mexico to reduce the chance of mosquito bites. 

Recommendations for the public and pregnant women:
  •         Wear long sleeves, pants, and bug repellant
  •         Wash and cover the containers and dishes that hold water
  •          Keep doors and windows closed and use screens  
  •          Follow prenatal care guidelines 

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