Exceptional Growth Marked End-Of-Year 2015 For The Riviera Nayarit

  • The percentage comparison from 2014 to 2015 is as follows: 5.7% increase in revenue, 4% increase in occupation, 9.7% increase in room nights and 12.97% increase in passengers arriving by air.

The results of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau 2015 Barometer have detected a marked growth in the Destination. These numbers serve to confirm the success of the strategies set into motion in collaboration with the Nayarit State Government and the Banderas Bay, Compostela and San Blas hotel and motel associations.

The revenue for 2015 was US$1,297,430,572, a 5.7% increase over 2014, representing US$90 million. Hotel occupancy rose 4%, with the yearly average bumping up from 72% to 76%. There were 3,005,783 room-nights recorded for 2015, a 9.7% increase over the 2014 total. And tourist satisfaction ended the year on a high note with a 9.5 average grade.

1,796,750 people arrived by air in 2015, a 233,050-person increase over 2014, which represented a jump of 12.97%. This statistic was obtained with information from the Grupo Aéreo del Pacífico (GAP).

The different departments of the Riviera Nayarit CVB worked very hard to create these results. Below please find a brief summary of their most relevant actions:

The Public Relations department worked with 8 agencies from 9 countries. There were 139 actions set in motion to attend 500 national and international media, which resulted in 1,578,816,498 media impressions.

The Groups and Events department collaborated with 83 events in the Destination with a total of 50,550 attendees, which directly generated 37,525 room-nights, a 12% increase over 2014.

The Promotions and Sales department undertook 115 actions that resulted in the training of 10,932 travel agents plus interactions with 19,740 end consumers and agents in fairs and expos.

There were 66 Marketing campaigns in 2015 that racked up 8 million impressions. Of note: the number of followers on social media continues to increase. The Advertising department launched four partnered campaigns and four image campaigns on a national level, plus another 20 partnered campaigns and seven image campaigns on an international level. These resulted in 305,957,380 impressions.

Several programs were also put into place that benefitted the environment, the culture of tourism, safety and tourism signage. 
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