XII International Migratory Bird Festival In San Blas

  • San Blas is home to a large number of species and has the best birdwatching routes in Mexico, which is why this year, besides the usual ecotourism activities, there will also be an excellent cultural, artistic and academic program with an environmental focus.

The XII International Migratory Bird Festival (FIAM by its acronym in English) in San Blas is ready to take off January 24-31, 2016. The Riviera Nayarit will welcome hundreds of migratory birds, which will mix in with the endemic and resident species. This year, the Green Kingfisher will be the FIAM’s commemorative bird.

The morning observation routes will be at Singayta, Vena del Diablo, La Bajada, Isla Isabel and La Tobara (the latter will be repeated at night.) The Observation Route through the streets of San Blas is a new addition, which will be completely free of charge.

“We’d like to focus on the reclamation of the areas,” commented Rosaura Gascón, president of the FIAM. “We’re going to be very insistent with the local schools on the topic of environmental education, meaning we’re changing the methodology of our approach to the community.”

Case in point, there will be an important cultural and academic program that will include the participation of muralists, speakers, biologists and specialists.

The addition of these new generations in developing a plan of care for the environment is vital for the progress of communities that have been blessed with such natural bounty as is San Blas, which is why there will be activities for kids and teens going on every day, including the “El Niño en las Aves” (The Child in the Birds) immersion camp for 100 kids.

Bicycling is still a big trend so there will be two races held: the Tepic-San Blas Professional Riders Route on opening day and the Family Riders Route that will wind through the town on the last day of the Festival.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau has consistently backed this anchor event as it’s one of the most important to take place throughout the year.

The artistic presentations—dancing, theater, concerts and more—are also a fundamental part of encouraging local culture.

For more details on FIAM 2016 visit: https://www.facebook.com/fiamsanblas.
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