Swap the UK for a Mexican Christmas! Wave Good-bye to your Winter Woollies and say Hello to Summer Sombreros!

With December proving to be one of the most exciting months of the year for Mexico and with many late deals popping up in a range of beautiful hotels across the country’s newest beach resorts of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, there’s no better time than now to chase a dream and make a last minute change to your Christmas Schedule.
Why Visit?
Why give up the tree, the turkey, the presents and the comfort of a roaring fire at home to spend Christmas in the Pacific?
The answer is simple: with 800km of golden sand beaches, a subtropical climate with year-round average temperatures of 25°C and 300 days of sun a year, the Pacific Coast of Mexico is a peaceful Paradise of unparalleled beauty just waiting to be explored. For a winter-sun holiday like no other, there’s no better time to visit than in the midst of the most magically celebrated time of year!
In the run-up to Christmas, Mexican culture, rhythmic music, exhilarating sport, flavoursome food and vibrant fiestas combine in a very special way, creating a unique charm that attracts all. There is no shortage of events, which ensure everyone can enjoy a perfect once-in-a-life-time Christmas experience!
For the nature enthusiasts…
December in Mexico marks a special change in the air. For the past 6 months numerous species’ of Sea Turtle have chosen the protected beaches of Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs; but as their nesting season comes to an end, another begins, this time for many endangered species’ of Whale, namely the Humpback Whale.
Banderas Bay is amongst the most important breeding grounds in the world for these beautiful creatures and tourists can participate in responsible activities such as daily early morning baby turtle liberation ceremonies and whale watching guided boat tours. Time it right, and you could be lucky enough to witness both breath-taking and heart-warming spectacles!
For the culture vultures…
December is the best time of year to absorb Mexico’s vibrant wealth of cultural events as its full calendar of traditional fiestas brings the crowds to life.
The celebrations begin with traditional pilgrimages made in honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, during the first 12 days of December. In Vallarta processions head towards the parish in the centre of the tourist district whilst street vendors sell a mouth-watering array of typical Mexican snacks.
December 11th and 12th are important anniversaries for both Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, whereby the regions celebrate their establishments with shows, civic activities, music and competitions.
Mexico’s culture is also proudly displayed at the annual ‘Singergiarte Festival’ in San Francisco aka ‘San Pancho’ (December 12-20) via a different artistic theme each year. This year, during the festival’s 10thanniversary, the topic ‘Multicultural Community’ will be showcased through various activities and ending with grand stage shows!
But perhaps the biggest and most impressive celebrations take place during Christmas Week, from December 16th to December 24th, when families, schools, businesses and neighbourhoods all come together at parties known as posadas to re-enact Joseph and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem and their search for lodging.
For the food junkies…
During these posadas the striking of the traditional piñata unleashes a delicious abundance of Mexican flavours as seasonal fruits fall to the ground. With these ingredients the Christmas Punch is prepared and served in little clay jugs.
For a reasonable price, visitors can also experience the sheer delight of other authentic treats, such as sugared churros and fried bananas, at the winter Farmers Markets that take place daily across Riviera Nayarit. Market stalls sell the freshest organic produce and homemade dishes, as well as locally hand-made crafts and even yoga classes!
Meanwhile, on December 5th in the Vallarta Yacht Club in Nuevo Vallarta, two special culinary events, the ‘Taste of Nuevo Vallarta’ and ‘Chili Cook-Off’, invite people to sample all kinds of local dishes and cooking styles.

For the night owls…
For New Years Eve, head to Puerto Vallarta, where the New Year is seen in with an Internationally renowned Fireworks Festival and street performances along the Malecon, supported by typically Mexican music that lasts throughout the entire night.

For the sport fanatics…
Mexican festivities are diverse and aren’t just limited to religious celebrations: Watersports competitions such as the ‘Banderas Bay Blast Sailing Regatta’ in mid-December and ‘The Riviera Nayarit Sailors’ Splash’ on December 11th, as well as Golf events like the ‘Puerto Vallarta Pro Am’ (7th – 12thDecember 2015), now in its 26th year, exhibit the Pacific Coast’s finest golf courses and highest quality sailing facilities and add to general excitement of December along the Pacific Coast.
Unlike in the UK, where the Christmas festivities come to an abrupt end on Boxing day, Mexico offers you the chance to enjoy the Christmas spirit for longer as the official festive period lasts until the Day of the Three Kings on January 6th. This final gift-giving day leaves one feeling fully satisfied, as volunteers from local charities and hotels distribute truck-loads of toys to disadvantaged children in hospitals and rural areas.
With so much to experience, who would want to miss out on this unique opportunity to spend Christmas in Mexico?
Where to stay?
With the endless celebrations of a Mexican December you’ll need somewhere to retreat to in order to relax and rejuvenate. There’s no time like the present to keep an eye out for special promotional Christmas deals right across the board!
The most recent addition to Riviera Nayarit’s fantastic selection of quality hotels encompasses a Native Mexican feel as it is decorated throughout with traditional, colourful Huichol art. It prides itself on its top quality and varied gastronomy, as well as its 3 18-hole golf courses and numerous fitness and spa rooms for those who enjoy lapping up luxury!
For a similar option in Riviera Nayarit, Anai Suites offers charming comfort in a relaxing environment. Just a stone’s throw from the sandy beach, this small complex boasts beautiful grounds and gardens, colourful rooms, plenty of facilities to enjoy and an excellent, friendly service.
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