Riviera Nayarit: Everything Back To Normal After Hurricane Patricia

  • Evacuated tourists returned to their hotels on Friday evening to continue enjoying their vacations as there was very little damage done to the infrastructure. The impeccable coordination of preventative measures was instrumental during the event.
The Riviera Nayarit is completely back to normal after Hurricane Patricia. The Destination proved it had plenty of well-trained and well-coordinated tourism industry personnel who worked in perfect harmony with the three levels of government to attend this natural disaster.

“We are very pleased with the preventative measures that were taken once the news of a probable landing by Hurricane Patricia was announced. Fortunately for us it wasn’t as dire as predicted, but it’s been a test that proved the Destination is ready to do what it takes in these type of situations,” said Fernando González Ortega, President of the Banderas Bay Hotel and Motel Association.

“In the end it seemed more like a drill because we weren’t impacted directly by this natural phenomenon,” added Marc Murphy, Managing Director of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau. “It served to help us realize the many workshops and certifications we’ve been handling for hotel personnel have been very useful.”

“We’re very happy with this Destination,” commented Enrique de la Madrid, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism. “I visited La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Bucerías and fortunately all is well. There was a lot of work done, a lot of preparation and a lot of luck. It’s important to maintain contact with the Tour Operators to let them know nothing happened, especially for a destination that makes its living from tourism.”

The evacuated tourists returned to their hotels on Friday, October 23rdin the evening in order to continue enjoying their vacation. There was no damage done to the infrastructure and, most importantly, the impeccable coordination of all preventative measures was very much in evidence.

During the subsequent 48 hours after Hurricane Patricia hit ground in the southern area of Jalisco the flooding rivers triggered a high alert situation and evacuations were put into effect. However, to date the waters have receded considerably and are almost back to normal.
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