Novillero Is Mexico’s Longest Beach — And It’s In The Riviera Nayarit

The Riviera Nayarit is a very competitive destination both on a national and an international level; beyond its infrastructure, nature has blessed it with a unique and unforgettable beauty. One example is Novillero, Mexico’s longest beach, located in the township of Tecuala to the north of Nayarit.

Its slightly more than 90 kilometers in length also position it as the second-longest in Latin America, just after Brazil’s Praia do Cassino, which is over 240 kilometers long. 

On the American continent, however, Novillero is only surpassed by the Padre Island National Seashore in Texas and its 112 kilometers in length, leaving it in third place on a continental level.

However, should we go explore a bit further out, we’ll find there are only two beaches on a global level that surpass Novillero: Australia’s Ninety-Mile Beach (which, as its name implies, extends over 144 kilometers) and Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, with 120 kilometers of uninterrupted beach. This places Novillero as the fifth longest beach in the entire world.

Apart from its impressive length, Novillero is also very wide, meaning you can walk towards the sea for about 100 meters without going underwater, thanks to its very shallow incline and flat, level beach area.

It’s an ideal place to enjoy sports with friends and family thanks to its spaciousness and natural surroundings. It’s also perfect for a quiet escape: all you have to do is keep walking until there’s no one nearby… In fact, it is an excellent spot for those who enjoy outdoor yoga.

If you’re headed to Novillero, don’t forget to stop at a local snack shop known as botanero in Tecuala or Acaponeta. These unique little storefronts require payment only for your drinks and the food is served free of charge. A “must” on the list of foods to try is the Puerco echado, little oven-baked pork tacos that are to die for.