San Blas: A Birding Paradise

San Blas is plentiful with natural attractions and tours to areas such as La Tovara, the lagoons a Camalota, Zoquipán and Los Negros—all of them bird sanctuaries that rank the region second in the Western Hemisphere with the most variety of feathered creatures.

This village and its environs are known for an amazing concentration of local and migratory birds, with over 500 species registered between the two categories. This is due in large part to the grand biodiversity present in the region and its many unique characteristics and varied ecosystems, including lagoon estuaries and mangrove forests, coastal lagoons, tropical lagoons, tropical jungles, sub tropical deciduous forest, scrub or low forest, savannah plains, wetlands with swamps, marshes and beaches. This also allows for a great variety of flora, particularly orchids, bromeliads, palms and other ornamental and medicinal plants.

The fauna is also quite diverse, with several protected species in the area such as the jaguar, ocelot, mountain lion, panther, lynx, river otter, marine and river turtles, river crocodiles, iguanas, tarantulas, snakes and a variety of aquatic birds including cranes, ibis, pelicans, ducks, beach birds, birds of prey and many land birds including warblers, vireos, trogons, carpenter birds, hummingbirds, crows and parrots, among many others. All these species place San Blas, Nayarit, on the pages of the International Birdwatchers Guide as well as tours in different magazines specializing in birdwatching. The high season for birding is November through May, when the area receives most of its birding enthusiasts and professionals.

“The Riviera Nayarit hosts many important visitors including the humpback whale, the whale shark, marine turtles and a great variety of migratory birds, which remain mainly in the San Blas area.”
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