World Paddle boarding Championship to be hosted in Mexico

All eyes are on Mexico’s Pacific Coast following the announcement that the 2015 World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship (WSUPPC) will be held in Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit.

The annual event, which is organised by the International Surfing Association (ISA) will take place from May 10th to May 17th 2015, signifying the first ever ISA World Championship to take place in the country.

This announcement is a positive boost to the small, laid-back town of Sayulita. Populated by quaint beach cafes and rental shops such as Stand Up Sayulita, this picturesque area has seen Paddle Boarding becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This follows the international hype surrounding the exhilarating surface water sport, which involves using a board to balance and a paddle to propel oneself across the water.  

Since the first event in Peru in 2012 the number of athletes taking to the water during the Championship has grown from 105 to 277, with over 27 countries now competing. The competitors take part in both individual and team races across various categories. These include: Men’s and Women’s SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Race, SUP Distance Race, Paddleboard Technical Race, Paddleboard Distance Race, and the Team Relay Race.

The countdown is now on for the event, with anticipation building to see if Australia will maintain their winning streak, or if Mexico will take to the podium this time round.