Sayulita Nightlife, a different experience!

The Riviera Nayarit offers several options to travelers looking to get the most out of their vacation by day and by night. Today I’d like to introduce you to a place beloved by the hippie-chic crowd and surfers in particular: Sayulita, located in our beautiful and diverse Riviera Nayarit.

If you’re looking for an alternative from the typical beach bar, Sayulita has a few places that you may not have thought of trying out before. Here’s a list of three varied—and fun—hotspots to go! 

Bar el Mezcalito is located on Gaviotas #22 right in the heart of Sayulita. After a day of sun, surfing and beautiful people showing off their assets on the waves or on the sand, don’t forget to have a great dinner to recharge your batteries before you head out for the night. After filling up, I highly recommend the Bar el Mezcalito. It’s a tiny place—in fact, you can’t fit more than 15 people inside—but it has a great bar stocked with mezcal (of course), an array of tequila, wine, beer and other spirits to start the night out with. There’s also live music played by about seven musicians that practically fill up the place. There’s room for no more than three couples to dance on the floor to the Cuban and Colombian salsa rhythms, but don’t worry: the sidewalk becomes a bar and there are plenty of tables and chairs to continue the party outdoors. It’s a great experience… Trust me, you’ll have fun!

Bar Zen Garden is on Calle Marlin #10. If you’re looking for the trendiest house music, you’ll love this place. It has plenty of style, drawing upon the colorful designs of India. The first floor is styled like a living room, with tables for dining (the menu is Asian) in case you want a bite before dancing the calories off. The second floor has a terrace, low lighting and plenty of rhythm. The night breeze will help cool you down and the sound of the surf blends in with the house music. The ambiance might seem familiar if this is your thing—but you’ll be having all the fun beachside with an international crowd! 

Bar el Camarón: Located on Avenida el Palmar #100, some qualify their lives as B.C. (before camarón) or A.C. (after camarón). I totally agree (by the way, camarón means shrimp).  After a night of bar hopping you can’t miss a visit to this place, which is only open on Fridays, so plan accordingly. You get here on foot—it’s actually a place where you can camp out under the swaying palm trees. The place is basically just a thatched palm leaf roof over a wooden floor with a DJ that plays a selection of electrocumbia, reggaeton, reggae and other rhythms I might not be familiar with but will make you feel great. No matter what they play, though, you’re going to want to dance! This place pays tribute to surfing and its free and easy lifestyle, with lots of suntanned skin moving to the beat and the sound of the waves, because, of course, it’s right on the beach! If the place fills up, no worries: there’s plenty of space and there’s always the sand to socialize with other like-minded souls and enjoy the ambiance, the music, life and all of its good vibrations. 

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