Netflix Makes Sayulita An Object Of Desire In Latin America

  • The series Mi Vida En Sayulita (My Life in Sayulita) is now available to the thousands of Hispanic followers that are subscribed to this popular on-demand Internet streaming medium.

Sayulita, Surf Capital of the Riviera Nayarit—also known as the hippie chic village—is making the rounds of Latin America via Netflix, the popular, international on-demand Internet streaming medium.

The series Mi Vida En Sayulita (My Life In Sayulita) from Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) and produced by Sayulita Life Productions, was launched in June to all the Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas.

The story revolves around a group of youths who experience an extraordinary vacation while visiting the marvelous beaches of Sayulita’s tropical paradise. It showcases the free spirit that pervades this coastal village and how it changed the life of the seven protagonists.

“I’m sure Mi Vida En Sayulita will be a total hit on Netflix, especially among young, passionate Latin Americans that will identify with the cast and the tropical beauty of Sayulita,” commented César Díaz, VP of CDM on their official CDM website.

The Riviera Nayarit video will be one of the offerings brought by CDM to present to the more than 400 buyers and 150 exhibitors from 45 countries at the NATPE Europe Roundup, an annual conference that brings together buyers and sellers of fresh audiovisual productions. It’s expected the series will be watched throughout Europe with subtitles in other languages.

The exposure of Sayulita continues to grow thanks to the series: CDM’s official Facebook page has 127 thousand followers, with the Latin America Netflix Twitter account showing 111 thousand followers and a little under 40 thousand on their Facebook page. On Google+, Netflix has over 159 thousand followers.

To these social media platforms we must add the electronic media of South America’s Southern Cone: already media in Argentina and Colombia (among others with a far reach in Latin America) have informed their public about the launch of the series.

This CDM production implicitly collaborates with the promotion that has been undertaken by the Mexico Tourism Board in South America via the campaign “Vallarta-Nayarit, live it to believe it.” 
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