2nd Sea Turtle Festival at Playa Platanitos

  • From July 25-27, event goers will enjoy a turtle release; painting, drawing and photography contests; plus other sports, cultural and artistic activities, as well as an Environmental Tourism Fair.

Turtle nesting and release season has begun on the beaches of the Riviera Nayarit and with it comes the 2nd Sea Turtle Festival at Playa Platanitos, in the municipality of Compostela, from July 25-27.

Taking place against the background of summertime vacation, this festival offers the tourist a varied and productive series of sports, cultural, artistic and, most especially, environmental activities in order to promote values, knowledge and practices that favor Mother Nature.

The Playa Platanitos Ecológico association has worked very hard along with the local population to put together a festival that’s well worth the visit. Last year there were approximately 5,000 attendees. The president of the non-profit, Lourdes Santana, considers it another “Holy Week.”

“The festival was created in order to bring tourism to our beaches and at the same time send a message to the people about not commercializing turtle products in exchange for money; we show them that by caring and protecting the sea turtles they can get the economy moving and create sustainable environmental tourism,” asserted Santana.

The turtle liberation program is one of the main attractions of this family event, which helps to create an environmental consciousness in children. The Environmental Tourism Fair offers workshops and locally made products that reinforce the concept.

Nature, dance, music, traditions, cuisine, warmth, beach and sun are just some of the many qualities of the seaside communities that comprise the Picturesque Villages of the Riviera Nayarit.

The townspeople from Tecuala to Banderas Bay through Santiago Ixcuintla, San Blas and Compostela all eagerly await a gathering of domestic and international tourists to come enjoy the summer season. 
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