San Blas’ Traditional Birders Come Home To “Roost”

  • For the past three years, the birding groups from England, the United States and Mexico that had come to San Blas for 30 years had been taking their binoculars elsewhere. Now they’re back, thanks in large part to James Currie’s productions in the area.

San Blas has been world-famous for years for its endemic and migratory populations, which is why different birding groups and companies dedicated to bird watching had visited the region for over 30 years. However, for the past three years there had been very few visits—but now they’re back, thanks to the new sense of security in the area.

This year birder groups from the US such as Borderland Tours that travel around the world returned to San Blas, as did the group from Alamos, Sonora in Mexico and Ecotours, which manages groups from Great Britain.

These very important tour operators had stopped coming to the area because of the travel warnings emitted about this region of Mexico. Fortunately, these warnings have been removed and bird lovers from around the world can once again come to enjoy the migratory flocks of the season.

Credit for their return—as well as the impetus for new visitors to the area—is also due to the work of the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), which has ramped up its marketing, promotions and public relations strategies.

The two shows taped by James Currie in San Blas and Isabel Island about the birds and their habitat are proof positive of the results of their efforts.

“Yes, we’ve had some people come to me after my chats (I always mention the Riviera Nayarit) and they tell me they’ve either been there or are planning on visiting the Riviera Nayarit as a result of those episodes,” said James to the Riviera Nayarit CVB.

“This is always good news. Several of these people have gone with the bird watching groups that traditionally visited San Blas,” he added.

The promotion of the hospitality and the safety of the area, combined with the stunning natural wonders of the Riviera Nayarit have come together to help San Blas back on its feet and well on its way to recuperating its well-deserved place among the birders of the world and tourism in general.

Here are the links to the YouTube videos where you can enjoy the comments mentioned in the article:

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