1st Annual Chacala Village Music Festival

Welcome to the 1st Annual Chacala Village Music Festival featuring six days of music, singing, art, dancing and creativity. We invite you to join us to celebrate a new beginning for Chacala, a place of beauty, culture and friendship. This is our inaugural festival.

Our team includes many people that have already given time and energy to this exciting event. Leading the development of this event are:

  • Jerry Van Eeckhout & Rick Vancil, Gringo Co-Chairs
  • Jose Enrique del Valle & Emilia Robinson, Mexico Co-Chairs
  • Lindy Casados, Music Director
  • Kim Van Eeckhout, Marketing Director

We are looking for others who share our vision to join our team and would like to help. If you are interested in volunteering with this festival, please email info@chacalavillage.com. We would love to have you.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

Chacala Village Festival de Musica 2014

Dates: March 24-30, 2014
Time & Place: See schedule below for details
Price: Free


Monday, March 24 – Festival Opening
Children’s Program (Elementary School)
6:30pm – Nube Nortana-Mexican Beach Band (Main Stage)
7:00pm – Estudiantina Santa Cecilia (Main Stage)
8:00pm – Los Hijos de Maiz Fire Dancing (Beach)

Tuesday, March 25
Children’s Program (Elementary School)
6:00pm – Amigo Performance Teresa Tudury (Wallace Palapa in Orofino)

Wednesday, March 26
Children’s Program with Teresa Tudury & Payin Cejudo (Elementary School)
6:00pm – Amigo Performance Bedazzeled Broadway (Chacalilla Point)

Thursday, March 27
Children’s Program (Elementary School)
6:30pm – Teresa Tudury (Main Stage)
7:30pm – Payin Cejudo (Main Stage)
8:30pm – Post Concert Reception (Majahua Tapas Bar)

Friday, March 28
Children’s Program (Elementary School with Chas Eller)
3-5:00pm – Street Music (Chacala Village)
6:30-7:30pm – Time 2 Play (Plaza Stage)
7:30pm – Banderas Bay Jazz All Stars (Main Stage)

Saturday, March 29
1-4:00pm – Open for additional bands
Announce Margarita Contest Winner
4-5:00pm – Chris & Susannah Thompson of Coral Creek Music (Main Stage)
5:30-6:30pm – Chacala Children’s Performance (Main Stage)
6:30-7:30pm – Iztlacihuatl Folk Ballet (Main Stage)
7:30-8:00pm – Son Jarocho (Main Stage)
8:00pm – La Garfield (Plaza Stage)

Sunday, March 30
9-10:00am – Community Church Service (Main Stage)
10-11:00am – Compostella Chorus (Main Stage)

For additional information about artists, performers and schedule, visit the Chacala Village Music Festival webpage.

Festival de Música del Puerto de Chacala

Bienvenidos al primer Festival de Música del Puerto de Chacala. Participa durante 6 días de música, canto, arte, baile y creatividad. Te invitamos a que te unas a este nuevo comienzo para Chacala, lugar de belleza, cultura y amistad. Este es nuestro festival inaugural.

El equipo de trabajo está formado por muchas personas que han dado su tiempo y energía a este excitante evento. Impulsándolo hasta ahora tenemos a:

  • Jerry Van Eeckhout y Rick Vancil, Co-directores Gringos
  • Jose Enrique del Valle y Emilia Robinson, Co-directores México
  • Lindy Casados, Directora Musical
  • Kim Van Eeckhout, Directora de Mercadotecnia

Estamos en la búsqueda de mas personas que compartan nuestra visión y se unan a nuestro equipo con ganas de participar. Si tienes interés en ser voluntario en este festival por favor envía un correo a: info@chacalavillage.com. Nos daría mucho gusto que formes parte del equipo.

Gracias! Esperamos tener noticias tuyas pronto.

by Kim Van Eeckhout for JaltembaBayLife.com

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