The Riviera Nayarit Celebrates the 1st Sayulita Festival in 2014

  • This hippie chic village invites everyone to come watch movies on a big screen on the beach and enjoy great food, fine tequila, live music and even a surf tournament—it’s guaranteed fun for all!

For the Riviera Nayarit, 2014 is a year of taking up new challenges and Sayulita is setting its very own goals. Case in point: the 1st Sayulita Festival taking place this year, a combination of cinema, food, tequila, music, surf and plenty of soul.

From January 16 – 19 this hippie chic village will be celebrating its many attractions including local sounds, flavors and a little bit of all that it has to offer its visitors.

“This project comes from our hearts,” said Gabriel Villarrubia, one of the Festival directors. “We picked a date on the calendar where we could best attract more visitors, tourism and income to our town.”

The big screens will be playing cultural films, action flicks and sports reels, including mountain climbing and surfing, plus music and family movies. The idea is to allow as many people as possible to enjoy movies in as many places is town as possible.

“The coolest and biggest stage will be on Sayulita beach,” said Villarrubia. “Every night we’ll be screening flicks on a screen of beyond big proportions for some 500 to 600 viewers.”

Both tequila and food will occupy a very special place in this festival, and there will be tastings held in several locations. For Mexicans tequila and food naturally go together, but foreigners might need a helping hand in learning how to imbibe this most Mexican of beverages in what might be for them a novel way.

“On Friday night we’ll have events at five different restaurants; basically what we’re presenting are pairings. We’ll have special menus that night, too,” stated Villarrubia.

Saturday is surf tourney day for the Festival: anyone can participate, since it’s not strictly professional. In fact, it’s a recreational competition to highlight one of the town’s most salient attractions.

That evening everyone’s invited to an after-tasting, an intimate soiree with tequila, music, folk dancing and mariachi to end the night on a high note.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau fully supports this event and extends an invitation for everyone to come help make the Sayulita Festival the grand success it deserves.

“We appreciate all the support and the help we’ve been receiving from the CVB,” enthused Gabriel Villarrubia. “We’re basically a small group, we do what we can and we pour our hearts into it. The support we receive is like a gift from a friend and they have our respect for all their assistance.”

“What Sayulita has to offer the visitor is a unique heart and soul, different from our sister villages. It’s an international destination—we have residents from around the world who live here with their families,” he said. “It’s a bohemian destination with a family ambiance.”

Click here for the official festival website:

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