Gourmet Festival Unites Vallarta and Nayarit

The “Calidad Nayarit” Center brings the tastes of the country directly to the tourist; it is slated to produce 2,300 tons of food annually and generate revenue of 100 million pesos.

According to chef Heinz Reize, one of the area’s famous culinary “Three Musketeers,” the XIX edition of the Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic International Gourmet Festival will unite these three destinations more than ever, which was actually one of its main objectives when it was first created.

“Politically speaking, these are two separate states,” commented Reize, one of the festival’s creators. “It’s wonderful that they’re coming together, something I think was inevitable. It’s one airport, one destination: really, that’s how the world sees us.”

He went on to say one of the main objectives of the festival was to unite these two entities, which is exactly what happened. He was also thrilled that Tepic joined in the festivities: “The more, the merrier!” he said.

He thanked the support given by the restaurant owners, the hoteliers and the trusts, all of which are a family united behind a single purpose: to improve the quality of services for our tourists. He also qualified as “excellent” the support received from the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

“The support we’ve gotten from everyone, especially the Riviera Nayarit CVB, has been extraordinary. They’re a tireless promoter of gastronomy,” said Reize. “We also have a close friendship with the president of the Banderas Bay Association of Hotels and Motels, as well as Fernando González Ortega.”

During the October 31st press conference that took place in the “Calidad Nayarit” Center it was announced that 480 well-known international chefs had already participated in the 18 previous events. This year, 27 restaurants and 30 chefs will be in attendance. The inauguration will take place in Puerto Vallarta on November 14th, with the closing ceremony to be held in Punta Mita on the 23rd day of this month.

The “Calidad Nayarit” Center Brings A Taste of the Country to the Tourist

José Luis Naya González, Nayarit’s Secretary of Economic Development, stated that the work of the “Calidad Nayarit” Center brings a taste of the country to the tourist by linking the work of local agricultural producers with the tourism service providers, lending added value to the product.

“At the ‘Calidad Nayarit’ Center they sort the crops and the agriculture in order to supply our region,” explained Naya González. “The yearly yield will be about 2,300 tons. The products used to be bought by other states. Now we’re talking about an approximate revenue of 100 million pesos for the people of Nayarit.”
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