The Incredible Mexican Torta

For anyone who hasn’t tried a torta, you are missing out on one of Mexico’s most popular dishes. This traditional sandwich is made with a cut telera roll that is packed with a variety of fillings and toasted to perfection on a flat-top grill. Like most Mexican street food, tortas are inexpensive, fast and filling.

Adan Lopez, owner of La Torta Movil, serves some of the best tortas, burritos and quesadillas in the Jaltemba Bay area. He uses hand-pulled marinated pork, chicken and beef; panela, american and cheddar cheese; fresh lettuce, tomato and onion; and he tops his tortas with his killer homemade hot sauce (this is optional, of course). When Adan parks his red pickup truck on the northeast corner of Avenida Emiliano Zapata and Bahia de Banderas in La Peñita, people flock to order his tortas.

La Torta Movil’s menu is usually hanging near the back of the truck. Once you decide what you want, give your order to Adan (in Spanish or English), relax in one of the plastic chairs setting along the sidewalk and watch the people pass by while you wait for your torta. Everything on the menu is made to order, substitutions are happily accepted and at only $10-28 pesos a piece, you can afford to have more than one.

It was pouring rain when we went to town Monday night, but that didn’t stop the locals from coming out to get a bite to eat!

La Torta Movil, La Peñita

Corner of Avenida Emiliano Zapata and Bahia de Banderas (view map)

La Peñita
Website: La Torta Movil

Hours: Open Friday-Tuesday: 7pm-2am (or until he sells out)
Closed Wednesday and Thursday

Type: Street Stand

Meals: Dinner and Late Night

Our Favorites: The Torta Movil is one of Adan’s signature tortas and includes your choice of meat (pork, chicken or beef), ham, cheddar and american cheese. The Torta Especial has your choice of meat, ham, cheddar, plus a slice of pineapple and fresh panela cheese. I often order the Sincronizada Especial which is made with two large tortillas, your choice of meat, ham, cheddar and american cheese and a dollop of crema. All items also include lettuce, tomato and onion.

For me, a torta wouldn’t be a torta without Adan’s famous and oh-so-perfectly-spicy Salsa Movil. I suggest squeezing a little salsa onto your plate and dunking your torta or quesadilla to make sure you are up for the heat challenge. To quench your thirst, order one of his daily Agua Fresca preparations. My favorite is the slightly sweet Horchata (pronounced or-CHA-tah), which is made from rice, cinnamon and vanilla.

The “Torta Movil” is Adan’s signature torta (sandwich)

My other all-time favorite is the “Sincronizada Especial” served with lots of Salsa Movil on the side!

To view full menu, get directions or write a review, visit La Torta Movil

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