Mishka will offer a free beach concert in Riviera Nayarit

•    As part of the program of the Annual Longboard and SUP Punta Sayulita Classic, Mishka will share his reggae beats with the audience

In Riviera Nayarit luxury is our nature, and our destination will frame the Annual Longboard and SUP Punta Sayulita Classic, which will take place on March 8 to 10 and will feature a concert by acclaimed reggae musician Mishka on the beach of Sayulita.

Surf, sun and reggae are the ingredients that will make Riviera Nayarit shine on a weekend where major international surf stars will compete to catch the best waves in Sayulita.

For third consecutive year, Gerry Lopez, the legendary surfer that was the first one to do the barrel will attend the event. Last year’s champions will also come back, including Zane Schweitzer in the SUP surf category, Connor Baxter defending his two long distance and elite titles, and Candice Appleby, who has already won the Elite Race twice, long distance SUP champion Jenny Kalmbach, and longboard champions Karina Rozunko and Darren Eudaly.

Probably one of the most stellar moments won’t be related to surfing: one of the most important contemporary reggae artists – the rhythm best associated to surfing – will be at the Punta Sayulita Classic. Mishka, who grew up sailing with his parents through the Caribbean islands, will offer a show for free at the beach in Sayulita on March 11 at 20:00, as part of the tournament’s program.

Born in Bermuda in 1974, Mishka debuted in the music industry in 1999 with a self-titled album whose single Give You All The Love reached the Top 40 in the UK that year. Since 2006 he’s been part of the JK Livin’ seal, founded by actor Matthew McConauhey to produce the music of Mishka. In 2010 he attained his most important achievement after launching his Talk About album, which is in the Best Seller’s list of iTunes and includes a duet with acclaimed singer Willie Nelson.


This is the activity program for the Punta Sayulita Classic, which includes workshops, beach cleanup events, competitions and lots of music.

Friday, March 8

10:30 am    Beach cleanup with James Pribram from ECO-WARRIOR FOUNDATION
10:30 am – 4:00 pm    ECO-Art classes for children
1:00 pm    Workshop for children with disabilities by THERASURF Organization
2:00 pm    Lunch break and autograph signing by the pros
6:00    Competitors mixer

Saturday, March 9

8:00 am    Competitions begin
11:00 am    Opening ceremony with blessings from the town    Day 1 Surf Competitions
12:00 pm    SUP Elite Race
8:00 PM    Mishka beach concert

Sunday, March 10

8:00 am    Day 2 Surf Competitions
11:00 am    Long distance SUP race
11:15 am    2.2K race
3:00 pm    Expression session
7:00 pm    Awards ceremony (ticket required)

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