My Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 1

My husband and I bought our property up near El Tonino specifically for the View. I capitalize the word “View” because to me it is a particular something that requires recognition, to be set aside from just any other view.

I knew it was the property for us as soon as I stood amongst the guanabana fruit trees and stared out over the Pacific ocean. Jaltemba Bay takes up most of the 270 degree westward view, encompassing Punta Raza then northwards to Punta Cocodrillo, over to Las Varas and beyond. After searching for months all over the place from Lo de Marcos to Zacualpan, I said “This is the one,” after being there for only two minutes. There were no arguments from my husband, nor from our guide Gustavo. They could feel the special vibrations this property exuded as well.

We have seen the sky painted in soft pastel colours during quiet morning sunrises, storm clouds with rain sweeping down to obscure the white crashing rollers at Playa Naranjo, rainbows over the growing fields of maize and beans, and then there are the sunsets… sunsets that almost make you cry out in wonder as to how something so fleeting can be so beautiful for such a brief moment in time!

Written by Tosia Archer
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